finding peace

We arrived in Phnom Penh in late July. It began as one of the softest landings we've had. The trans-Pacific flight was predictably brutal but our excitement overshadowed all of that. We went to temporary housing for ten days, happy to have an immediate internet connection and access to two refreshing swimming pools. The Bushbaby had recently hit her stride … Continue reading finding peace


Seven days left. The countdown has begun and I believe it is a fine time to plunk down in front of the computer and do some blogging. I'm disappointed with myself for only managing two posts in all of last year. I am amazed with bloggers who are posting regularly while working full time jobs- since … Continue reading Tick-tock

All this time

I'm deciding to just jump back in over here. No microphone tapping, no apologies, no excuses. There's too much to share, personally, professionally and of course my foreign service/expat blogger duty to let you in on my perspective of life in Santiago. I seriously considered shuttering and bulldozing this blog and starting fresh. It's been … Continue reading All this time