interview vs. football

Sunday was the 3 hour interview with the security officer from the State Department. We found out on Thursday that he would be by around 1:30. Snakes’ initial reaction was excitement, to see the hiring process actually moving along just means we’re one step closer to outta here. This quickly gave way to disappointment over missing the Eagles game.

Despite this scheduling conflict, everything went well. I don’t think Snakes was busted checking for score updates on his blackberry even once during the interview. Coincidentally, they had already met (and bonded) once before in the parking lot of a Home Depot.  The security officer was enchanted by the bull mastiff in the honey seat of Snakes’ F-150. Naturally, a discussion of the majestic breed ensued. What are the chances that this same guy would be the “top secret” security reviewer for the State Department? Apparently he’s had 4 bull mastiffs throughout his life and is hesitant to get another because they don’t live very long. It’s hard to lose a member of the family every 7-8 years. Kindred spirits with their mutual appreciation of the bull mastiff’s charms:  the slippery puddles of drool on the kitchen floor (which appear the second the  fridge is cracked), wayward slobber splashed throughout the house (what’s that on the ceiling??), the  jowls which precipitate  aforementioned drool in impossibly long threads , the dramatic snoring, and the infamous stink-eye obstinance. What’s not to love?

As luck would have it, the interview lasted for about half the time they’d carved out for it. (In part due to my husband’s squeaky clean living!)  An excellent Sunday, the interview- setting our trajectory in such an exciting and new direction, the Eagles game- with another win (33-14) shaping up into a nice season, and the mastiff- four feet in the air, snoring dramatically on the couch.

one of his more reasonable sleeping positions
one of his more reasonable sleeping positions

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