burning the midnight oil, superhero style

I have been accepted to 3 big holiday shows. The first, Detroit Urban Craft Fair,  is right here in our fair city on November 21. I’ve done this one twice before and been successful. The others I applied to  jointly with a friend of mine because they’re on the same weekend, December 5,6. The Shadow in Ypsi and Renegade in Chicago. It’s going to be a hectic month.

Each day when I get home from my job at the health department, I change clothes, walk the dogs, check on the chickens (Speckles has been in the neighbor’s yard alot lately, the grass actually is greener on the other side of the fence), and then head to my studio for 4-6 hours of work. I feel like some kind of a leather working superhero. Not what I have in mind when I consider which superhero power I’d prefer, but these are the kind of things I contemplate when I have exhausted my ears of talk radio, music, audio books and I just need silence.  Last night as I stood staring at a colorful pile of leather scraps, roller cutters and hardware, I thought, what if I had the ability to create order from chaos. I would just close my eyes really tight, maybe spin around for effect, and ka-blam! 4 handbags, two mini-clutches, 5 mens wallets and 4 womens. Wow. That would really help with building my stock for these shows, or with organizing that one drawer in the kitchen, or my shoe closet, underwear drawer, medicine cabinet… But would this orderly superpower help me fight neighborhood thugs and keep the peace? hmmm, maybe not. Though arguably less chaos would help with people’s frustration, thereby preventing them from becoming thugs in the first place. See, and now I’ve backed myself into the corner of organizing thug’s underwear drawers and medicine cabinets.  What the hell kind of super power is that? Not too impressive after all. Plus something tells me that troublemakers have gross underthings. Back to the drawing board.

So this is what I’ve got in store for myself in the upcoming month. Lots of fantastical contemplation, measuring, sewing, cutting,  and stumbling over Banjo. Oh yeah, and then there’s that 10 days in Paris thing. (Two weeks from today!!!) Although I plan to work myself close to exhaustion until then, at least I’ll have a fabulous selection of handbags to choose from!


3 thoughts on “burning the midnight oil, superhero style

  1. See – the creating order from chaos power would be useful to me for the cleaning of the kitchen, the livingroom, etc… but would you really want to miss out on the working with your leather?

    I was talking to a good friend years ago who creates historical crossbows for a living, and we decided that there are two general kinds of crafters – those who endure the process to end up with the product, and those for whom the process is the primary point. There are various levels of skill and frustration level in each type of maker, and I respect the hell out of some people who are in either category.

    But for me, the getting there is a good deal of the reason for doing it. I love to disappear into my shop (when I have one) and create musical instruments or furniture or whatever for hours on end. It becomes very zen and relaxing, even when things mess up.

    *shrug* anyway, I like the super power concept – I’d just like to use it so that I can actually get MORE time to make things.

    1. I always seem to get crazy overwhelmed and wish for a magic wand/index finger to help me out of the mess while I am prepping for a big show. It’s the “churn it out” mode that i’m not incredibly fond of. I LOVE the creative process – on special projects, barters, gifts, etc. But when i just have to start cranking out the same bag (in different colorways) 20-30 times- I start to feel like I’ve made alot of poor decisions in my life. On the flipside- when i am doing more R & D stuff, that’s my bliss, and I feel I am exactly where I am supposed to be. The balance… always searching for it.

      1. Ah! Yes, that feeling I can relate to. I was asked to sell at a couple of Ren Faires years ago when I was steadily making lap harps. When I sat down and figured how many I’d need to make, and how many I’d need to have (according to the rules of the Faires) in stock at all times for 5 weeks, I decided I couldn’t do it and stay sane.

        You’re right – the super power would have come in handy then…

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