chef's club

This morning I awoke to the smell of freshly baked bread, (hmm with maybe a salty hint of pork?)  The wind was whistling, rain coming in strong against the house,  Banjo stretched out next to me.  I heard a creaky ascent on the  staircase, the bedroom door opened, and my handsome husband stood holding a little plate of soft pretzels oozing with a ham and cheddar filling.  “Try one,” he offered, “it’s our appetizer for tonight.”  All of this before 7am?  I think it’s going to be a good day.  And it’s payday Friday.

Chef’s club, tonight at 7:30. It was started almost 2 years ago when Snakes and his friend, SP, decided to get together every couple of months to plan and prepare a gorgeous, multi course meal for their ladies. (!!) At the time I had just gotten Snakes the Bouchon cookbook by Thomas Keller, so the first menu was based on recipes  found there.  Tonight’s menu is from October’s Gourmet. (We really will miss them!) Aside from the little pretzel treats, I’m not sure what is in store for this evening. I don’t generally make a habit of  studying the menu as I enjoy the element of surprise. However,  I would never dissuade anyone who may be inclined to wake me up with fresh baked goods, menu spoiler or not.

I am a fortunate woman.


3 thoughts on “chef's club

  1. I think I have found my long lost twin. I have a Cook Book Club that I started a few years ago in Baltimore. So much fun. My husband is waiting to hear if he will get invited to the Oral interviews for FS, and I have a pit bull (Close enough to Bull Mastiff). Keep writing…I love to read about your FS adventures.

  2. Nice!! a cook book club?? that sounds great. I once had a housemate whose mom would purchase the same cookbook for herself and each of the 3 girls for christmas, dividing up the recipes between each sister. As they made them, they’d post their reviews, comments, etc. on a communal site to compare notes. I always thought that sounded so cool. Your club sounds great too. Always better in the flesh!
    Good luck to you and your husband. It’s a fairly brutal application process. (ugh… the waiting, and ours wasn’t even that bad). I’m sure if you’re reading FS blogs you are familiar with the stress and melt-downs that some go through. If you have any questions just let me know! Thanks for reading.

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