inching forward

Tuesday we met with a new real estate agent.  I like him better already.  He has great ideas and has made some valuable suggestions.  We’ve buried our Saint Joseph upside down and facing the curb as suggested.  I think the home buyer’s tax credit has been extended.  Banks are lending again? Any day now… Snakes emailed to check the FS status, medical clearance is expected to be granted by the end of this month and it seems that the security clearance is not far behind. They got in touch with all of the German friends and inquired after the Slovenian relatives. They are incredibly thorough. Keeping our fingers crossed for mid February.

I spent all of Tuesday in the studio.  Inconveniently, whenever I need to get into serious production mode my dreamy and creative side take over entirely.  I spend way too much time making rosettes and little wispy leaves from scraps of leather, imagining them as a broach, or tacked to a headband, maybe glued onto Banjo’s collar.  I decide that now is the perfect time to totally deconstruct and reimagine tried and true patterns. When I should be churning handbags out and watching the stacks of earning potential multiplying on my studio shelves, I can usually be found seated in a pile of scraps thinking about how textural and beautiful a leather collage would be. Or maybe I should make bowties for the dogs. That would be a hoot for when David gets home. Hehe, bright red bowties. On the dogs. Heh.

Leaving for Paris this evening.  I semi-packed this morning before gym and work. It’ll be interesting to see what groggy me deemed necessary when I re examine my things tonight. I’m already one step ahead of the game by allowing myself the luxury of suitcase scrutiny after a full days work. Last time we traveled (to New Orleans in May), I would up with a pair of snug purple corduroys as my ONLY bottoms. Exactly what I was in the mood for as we wandered through the French Quarter Fest in 90 degree weather, a breezy little sundress would have taken up way too much space in my bag apparently. Oh, and I forgot ALL under clothes. I am resolved to at least bring underwear this time.

We will be there over my birthday, which is on Friday the 13th this year!  Thank you for all of the birthday wishes and boxes sent early. I will send out proper thank-you cards from Paris! 

Au revoir!


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