medical clearance determination: worldwide available

This excellent piece of news greeted us from our inboxes while checking for updates from a Parisian cafe. We were confident that there wouldn’t be any problems but there’s always that little voice that urges otherwise. It’s a good sign that things are moving forward.  Snakes had called to check the status earlier in the month and was informed that things should be cleared by the end of November.  Still waiting for the security clearance.  Guardedly optimistic that we will be shoving off for DC by February or March.

House was shown a couple of times in our absence, and again today. I will comment no further to avoid elevating false hope or jinxing.  Let’s just say that the listing looks great and so far we are pleased with our new realtor.

Detroit Urban Craft Fair is Saturday. I have a ton of production work to do between now and then. I will post a “feast for the senses” Paris entry next Sunday. For those of you on Facebook, I’ve put up a few pictures with brief captions to whet your appetite! Bon appetit!


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