ready or not, the holidays are here

The first noteworthy shopping event of the season, The Detroit Urban Craft Fair, was Saturday. I broke my last “PR” (that’s “personal record”, for you non-runners.)  The show was well attended and foolish me forgot the good camera. The uploaded images were taken by my iphone which does a decent job if the lighting isn’t posing any challenges. Clearly this was not the case.

We are off to Bethlehem, PA to visit the family, birthplace, and home of my beloved, Snakes.  We’ll be leaving after work Wednesday and driving until we arrive in the wee morning hours of Thursday. His mother is one of the best cooks I’ve met. She makes it all seem effortless. The last time we were there, her refrigerator offered a bounty of treats any weary traveler might seek. My favorite was her lemon mousse, perfection in it’s aloft and tangy nonchalance. Although she sent me the recipe (handwritten on a card & protected in a ziploc, of course) I promptly misplaced it. I vow to return home with it this time to try my hand (whisk) at it. I plan to dedicate a post entirely to the mousse.

A couple of weeks ago, we received an offer on our house (which, by the way, included the chickens). Both of the city and the private inspections have gone well without too many surprises. We’ve been updating and finishing what’s necessary, checking things off the inspector’s report as we go.  We are optimistic that our closing date will be December 30th. We’ve already scouted out lofts that rent month to month and accept large dogs. The FSO security clearance should be final by the end of this month. Things seem to be taking shape.

And speaking of things falling into place, faced with another round of lay-offs and buy outs at the newspaper, Snakes has decided to officially end his journalism career by taking a buy-out.  This will take effect December 30th. (the same day that Carl Kasell takes leave of Morning Edition!)  A pretty significant day in our history, and the day before our first anniversary!

So many pivotal changes in the next few months. It is a little overwhelming. I haven’t forgotten the “Paris post”. I’ll bring the laptop and work on that as we drive to PA.  Until then, may you and your families be awash with gratitude and love for one another. And may that altruistic wave rinse away any guilt that is nipping at your behind as you revisit the dessert table for the third (and final?) time.


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