what'll ya give me for it?

Two days of total chaos.  Kitchen table, dressers, the juicer in the middle of the living room, tomato cages and a soaker hose in the dining room whose perimeter is lined with tables stacked with figurines and mismatched bowls. The major draw, our ole bait and switch, if you will, has been the baboon. Four different people have come just to formally meet the old guy. (We posted his picture on our craigslist ad.) Snakes and my dad are currently in negotiations, crafting a deal for the baboon’s fate. (Good FS training.) Strangers shuffling through the house, scrutinizing our book collection, fondling the odd remnants of our lives here in Detroit. It’d be easy to get all philosophical about this and feel weirdly violated, but I will refrain.

My favorite part about these sales (I have had a few in my day…) is seeing people’s excitement over their opportunity to own a taxidermied trio of mariachi frogs. Or the hunchback bushman with coarse horse hair, offering a rack within his spindly reach for one to organize one’s DVD collection. (them: “This thing is AMAZING ! I can’t believe it’s still here!!”  me: “Ah, well if by ‘amazing’ you mean ‘the stuff of nightmares’, then sure. I can’t believe it’s still here either, lucky you.” )  There was the couple who tried to bargain (unsuccessfully) a better price on the skull toilet brush holder, “would you take $5 for that?”. “Nope,  firm at $7”.  “Man,  that would be so cool in our son’s bathroom…”  They ended up taking it.  

Generally speaking it’s gone well.  Much slower than we anticipated, no lines out the door or bidding wars. We’ll spend the next week posting the remainder on craigslist and ebay.  On Thursday we leave for Vegas to attend a friend’s wedding. When we return I will be on my “mandatory city holiday” and will not return to work until January 5th. (YESSSS!!) But perhaps most importantly, Monday begins Snakes’ 10 day countdown to (and I quote) “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, free at last”, his final days as a reporter for the paper. 20 years as a journalist, coming to an end.  Just one more step closer to our future.


4 thoughts on “what'll ya give me for it?

  1. Wedding in Vegas, huh?

    If I were you, I’d be tempted to slap a rhinestone cape & an Elvis wig on the ol’ baboon & take him along for the ride — but I’m sure the TSA has some goofy rule about bringing taxidermied representations of iconic pop culture figures on the plane.

    Now, if only the mariachi frogs were done up in Rat Pack-ish tuxuedos & fedoras … 🙂

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