as the year draws to a close

1. “the letter” came in the mail monday. This much anticipated letter announced that Snakes has officially passed the top secret security clearance.  He is now “on the call list”, meaning that he is 100% eligible to work in the foreign service. Since the initial (A-100) training classes are only offered every 6 weeks and have a limited capacity, his name is moved to a list of eligible candidates. Those on this esteemed list are ranked according to the score they received on the oral exam. (He’s a little higher than midway up that list.) He is hoping the offer will come within the next couple of months, landing us in DC either mid February or late March.

2. This weekend we are hiring a uhaul  and enlisting able-bodied friends to help us move from our house to a loft. The closing on the house is January 8th. I am eager to get settled in the new space and am looking at this as preparation for what my life will be generously peppered with in the years to come. Boxes, chaos, moving, chaos, slowly emerging order… Creates new synapses and keeps you young, right?

3. The holidays were excellent. We went to my dad’s in the Grand Rapids suburbs for a lively celebration on Christmas Eve.  A rousing game of pictionary after bottomless margaritas and a little karaoke tossed in for lord knows why. We had a great time. They are always incredibly generous around the holidays, which reminds me, I need to get my thank-you cards done.  This was followed by a nice Christmas dinner at my mom’s in Battle Creek. Snakes and I cooked up a prime rib and a big pot of crab legs. It was very nice. Great to see my aunties and spend a little time with my family. This may be our last holiday in the states for a while.

4. Vegas!! We had a great time. Two California friends got married in an intimate ceremony at one of the little chapels. At the airport we were greeted by a limo driver (arranged by Snakes’ dear friend) who popped the cork from a bottle of  bubbly and promptly whisked us off down the glittery and sparkling strip to our hotel in “old vegas.” A perfect initiation for a first timer like myself, to see the city from the back of a limo and through a champagne lens. The hotel was fab as was the company. We spent our days walking, walking, shopping and walking and our evenings engaged in wedding party festivities.  Snakes enjoyed spending football Sunday with his newlywed buddy, watching the Eagles battle the 49ers  to a 27-13 victory.

Now it’s back to packing and moving boxes. Today is our first year anniversary. Dinner at Eve the restaurant, drinks and back to our hotel by midnight to bask in the wonder of cable television, most likely watching animal planet with the dogs (who will be joining us). That’s probably too much information.

May 2010 bring adventure, growth, peace and prosperity to all.


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