since that last post was an incredibly news heavy day, I neglected to mention that Snakes is officially finished with journalism. The 31st was his last day. Twenty years of reporting, bird-dogging rule breakers and keeping a watch on the mayor’s office and city council here in Detroit (which is NO small feat.)

Closing day on the house has been bumped back a week due to a miscommunication regarding some necessary repairs. Currently the official day is wednesday the 13th, assuming everything goes as planned with the FHA inspection today. Snakes has been up before dawn every day this week, hanging  gutters and replacing cedar shakes in this precarious and slippery winter chill. It’s hardly been lazy day, foreign film, dog training, dumpling/ravioli making, beet pickling fantasy that he had envisioned. He keeps dropping little teasers like leaving the chez panisse pasta book on the counter or saying things like, “are you excited for next week? I’ve been doing some planning…” I suspect silky and tender homemade pasta is in my future. Just what the doctor should be ordering for everyone on these overcast and drab days that drift so quickly into weeks. 

The new place is taking shape though it remains a  maze of cardboard boxes waiting to bruise the shins and stub the toes of the less graceful among us. Unfortunately I am a member of this group.  Last night I just ran out of steam, planted myself on the sofa and watched a mindless movie. It was great. This weekend will be the final push toward organization. I will take a page from Snakes’ ambitious book and compile an exhaustive task list, crossing off items triumphantly as I go. Oh. And then there’s the whole resolution thing to get started on.


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