farewell baboon… a love story in pictures.

Friday was Snakes “for he’s a jolly good journalist” farewell party at the Park Bar. A success, indeed. A dear friend and fellow journalist flew in from DC at the last minute to join us. Old and new friends, editors, sources, reporters, NPR local celebs, a very interesting group of people, but of course free-flowing bourbon never hurts anyone’s “interesting” quotient.

Sunday, the Detroit Free Press published this interview which sealed the deal on a public announcement of our impending exit strategy. As a result, I announced our plans yesterday to my supervisor, letting her know it could be 2-18 months from now until we get called. It should be noted that Snakes feels he must have been misquoted on that final question because he’s almost positive that he emphatically declared his “woman” to be a rare and exotic treasure, one of a kind, and was not at all easy to find but rather a blessing from the karmic heavens.  Now that that’s all straightened out…

I need to let everyone know that as a result of the aforementioned article, the baboon has moved on to greener pastures (an LP/taxidermy room in Grosse Pointe!!) After that exclusive in Sunday’s paper, the wife of the buyer saw the article, alerted her husband who had been talking about him since a fateful introduction at our garage sale… and now that the baboon was kind of a celebrity, well, who could resist? He contacted Snakes to negotiate, a deal was struck, and the rest is history. Sorry, Dad but I think the baboon went to a very appreciative home. What follows is a pictorial of the event. Enjoy.


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