onward. the gray days of february

We have settled nicely into the new loft.  It’s a couple of blocks from where the old tigers stadium once stood.  Now it’s kindof a no-mans land of discarded furniture, chicken bones and syringes.  Plenty of feral cats and possum for Banjo stalk during daily walks.  He’s up for the challenge  of cleaning up all the old chicken bones too.  It’s a smorgasbord for a muddog.

Snakes continues to relax into his temporary unemployment though he has an impressive list of writing projects he’s outlining for free lance work.  He’s working his way through all of the recently released oscar nominations as well. I’m trying to keep focused with work. It’s hard to generate much enthusiasm to start projects that I may not be able to finish.  I keep counting down my hypothetical days until giving notice. I know I need to redirect and refocus my energy.  I sold a few things on etsy this past week, seemingly out of the blue. One was a repeat buyer which is the greatest compliment.  I am eager to get the little studio space in the loft organized so I can spend more time in there. I just began an 8 week pattern making class, which so far seems really challenging and interesting.  Considering a crochet class on thursday nights. Keeping myself occupied and creatively productive is essential to making it through these Michigan winters.


4 thoughts on “onward. the gray days of february

  1. I tried to make the “simplest” one the other day and was totally flummoxed. Of course I had visions of those beautifully intricate peacocks strung to a garland and generously draped across my giant windows…maybe I’ll get Snakes to add that to his task list.

    1. wow. no kidding about similarities. You’re upstate NY? My hubby did undergrad at UofRochester. Hopefully we all get called in soon. It’s a tad excruciating. Hope to meet you in DC soon! Enjoyed your blog as well, I’m impressed with your frequency of posting.

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