in like a lion, out like a lamb

or so the old saying goes. Unfortunately it is reversed on this first day of March. The sun shining through my window is nearly as intense as the unrelenting radiators hissing steamy heat into my office. I am ready to turn on the air conditioning unit.  My grandma always told us that if it’s warm and pleasant going into March, then you’d better prepare yourself for a howling blizzard on the end of things. In this case we are in like a lamb but will we be out like a lion?

Loft living suits us. I love the ease with which less than 1000 square feet can be cleaned to a sparkle. We are hosting many dinner parties and I’ve been  lazy about updates with menus and pictures. This is unfortunate considering these are always my favorite posts.  When we get our taxes back (any day now) I am buying a new camera.  A grown-up camera, a digital SLR.  I’m thinking the quality of my pictures (which are mostly taken with my iphone) will improve dramatically. I love new toys.

Continuing to take classes at my favorite SE Michigan fabric mecca, Habermans. Currently in an 8-week pattern making course. Last week I had two workshops as well, working with knits and copying ready-to-wear.  All were very inspiring. I’m hoping to diversify my little handbag business into something with a wider range of appeal, maybe some skirts and shift dresses. Simple to fit on a wide range of body types.  Excited that I may actually be able to pursue this full time once we’re in the Foreign Service.  Just bought a book to learn how to knit as well. So much to learn and make, so little time.

A couple more weeks until more calls go out for the A-100. We are getting a little weary. It’s frustrating when something you want so badly  is just barely out of reach. Each time another class is assembled it seems like we’re just on the cusp. Then another 6 weeks pass and more people are added to the list. ugh.  I keep looking for the lesson in this. Patience? Perseverance? Appreciate the moment. That might be it.

I really appreciate this sunshine streaming onto my desk  today.


9 thoughts on “in like a lion, out like a lamb

  1. Patience, dear grasshopper, patience. And remember a good game of pinball can cure all — at least temporarily!

  2. Rumor has it that the Registrar’s office is telling people that May calls will go out next week. But if you belong to the Yahoo group you know that already. . .best of luck to you! (I’m somewhere between TS clearance and final suitability, and desperately hoping to make the list soon!).

    1. thanks. crazy how quickly desperation sneaks up on an otherwise composed person! My husband has vowed to stop obsessing over the list and the yahoo group because it’s bound to make you go a little nuts. Enjoy the moment and all those platitudes. good luck to you too!

    1. Yes ma’am!!! We got the call Friday evening. We were on the register for 3 full months. Public diplomacy (5.5- no bonus points). maybe that helps you figure stuff out? Keep the faith sister. I’m sure it’s right around the corner.

  3. Sorry, could you please delete my last name on the previous comment? It auto-filled and I can’t figure out how to posted edit comments. Cheers.

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