headed to chicago

Only two days of work this week. We’re headed to Chicago for a final mini midwestern getaway Wednesday morning. Unapologetic NPR dork that I am,  my sweet Snakes surprised me with tickets to a taping of the news game show,  “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” for Christmas ’08.  We’re finally cashing them in. I’m not sure who the special guest or the panel will be but the anticipation of seeing Carl Kasell and Peter Sagal is more than enough excitement to sustain me until the Thursday evening taping.

Round trip Detroit to Chicago: $13

Also worth mentioning, Megabus ROCKS, we got two round trip tickets from Detroit to Chicago for $13!  That’s $3.25 a piece each way.  I’ve been checking out their DC itinerary lately. Looks like they’ve just added Philadelphia to the route, which only provided service to NYC before. If you get your tickets far enough in advance they are $1.  Kick back and enjoy the ride while playing scrabble, listening to your Ipod, knitting, napping, eating.  What a luxury! I hope to take advantage of this once we arrive in DC to sneak in afternoons of lunching and shopping in Philly with my mother-in-law.  (Are you reading this, V? xo)

Just told my supervisor that my days are officially numbered. She was bummed I’m leaving so soon but happy for us.  The search is on for a mastiff/muddog/leathersmith friendly apartment. I anticipate some major culture and sticker shock. Living in Detroit is VERY different than most anywhere else in the states. Cost of living is generously low and great apartments/lofts/houses are abundant.  Not to mention the wide and deserted streets, perfect for bike riding and dog walking. From what I understand, DC is not deserted, nor would anyone describe the real estate market as “generously low”.  Despite the cost of living differences, I can’t wait to live amidst the energy and vibrancy created by so much history, culture and a bustling population of people on foot.  (45 more days!)


3 thoughts on “headed to chicago

  1. sounds like loads of fun-I’m going to have to grab that bus for Philly in Detroit some pm and join you girls! xoxo

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