DC in May

We are about to pay our last month’s rent here in Detroit and give our 30 day notice. My official last day of work is 4/23. (That’s 16 actual work days or 25 actual days- in case your counting). Still waiting for the salary paperwork. Since the latest A-100 just started today, I imagine the State Department staff must be over loaded with details as everything gets underway before they turn their attention to the May 10th class. We are hopeful it will come this week.

Eager to get into DC a few days early to settle and explore, maybe by the 5th. Speaking of which, we found a place! It’s a 3 bedroom/3 bath on Capitol Hill, a dog friendly fenced backyard with a grill, 2 fireplaces (not that we’ll need them in the DC summer), private parking and mere blocks from Eastern Market. Our little patio looks ideal for some container gardening and outdoor dining. Living in Detroit, with its tens of thousands of empty acres, we’ve gotten a little spoiled when it comes to having a little (or a massive) patch of land on which to grow some food or stage a picnic. The 3rd bedroom, in the basement, is PERFECT for my studio, which can get a little loud and messy. The per diem will cover the rent entirely for the first 6 months, after which we may end up kicking in a little of our own money or moving on to less ideal accommodations. No biggie, we’ll cross that bridge later on.

Chicago was great, lived up to it’s windy city name. Great restaurants, window shopping, plenty of idle time luxuriating and napping in expensive sheets. No impatient snouts or ticky-tac-ticking toenails eager to rouse us for a walk. I got a fair amount of knitting done on the bus. I’m like a machine when it comes to the “knit stitch”, while my purling is still calculated and jerky. I keep joking (but not really) that I am going to wear a head lamp on our 10 hour drive to Bethlehem this week so I can work on my knitting project while he drives.

Reminds me of the first time I went to meet his parents. I had a head full of pink spongy curlers wrapped beneath a giant floral scarf. I figured they would dry as we drove and I’d show up looking fresh, my hair a glossy and bouncy confection. Instead, their future daughter in law arrived looking like the love child of Nellie Olson and Buckwheat.

+ =

The ringlets demanded order, while free-wheelin’ frizz seduced them back to their inevitable feral roots. I wonder if Snakes knew what he was getting himself into back then, as I started to unwind the curlers around State College, PA tentatively coaxing the wadded up curls from my scalp. Maybe when we make the big DC move I’ll wear curlers and my knitting headlamp. It’s good to maintain an air of mystery and intrigue. Keeps our marriage fresh.


9 thoughts on “DC in May

    1. it was posted on livelines about a month ago. as soon as we were notified of the May start date we contacted the owner and set the process in motion. There was another posted just today that looked gorgeous. same basic stats but it did not allow pets. It was linked to craigslist. Hope that helps.

  1. Hi,
    Glad you found me. Sorry it’s taken me a while to find you, been crazy with the move out to D.C. Your place sounds nice, but always know State will put you up for free at an Oakwoods facility, as long as there is space. My husband was at main Oakwoods back in October (ok-free), but now we are at the Pearson Square location (really nice). There are some new pics on my blog. I’m not very seasoned in DC yet, but look me up anytime. We’ll be here until around 5/19.

    Enjoy the ride!

    1. Hi Denise.
      Congrats on recent move and good luck settling in. The pictures of your place look nice. I don’t think we’re Oakwood candidates because of our 2 large dogs and my need for a studio. We have friends who live on the Hill and we’re city dwellers anyway. sounds like we’ll arrive right around the time you’re shipping off from your brief stay. Do you know where you’re headed?

  2. Congrats on your upcoming move to DC. Eastern Market is a wonderful area. We’ve been there for about 6 years. There are a lot of dog parks in the area. You should check out Lincoln park on 12th and East Capitol NE. It’s pretty close to Eastern Market and there is a lot of space for your dogs to run around and make friends. Safe travels.

  3. Hiya Eve,
    Because my husband is a specialist, we have to be stateside for a while unfortunately (we’re ready to get overseas!). We will be reporting to Miami at the end of May. It was our first pick, for the cities we were offered. We’ll enjoy the warmth, ocean and closeness to the islands,but will be excited when we can start bidding for overseas posts.

    If you get to DC before 5/18, feel free to look us up 🙂

    1. At least you’ll be able to keep your plants, I imagine they’ll LOVE it in Miami! We plan to arrive early May. There will be a little window of overlapping time. I’ll be in touch!

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