taking stock

I’ll start with the general FS update:  Salary offer came through, still waiting to sign lease, Snakes caved and bought two gorgeous new suits (Nordstrom Rack) after a minor $32 ebay debacle which involved clownishly disfiguring shoulder pads (Crockett and Tubbs would have been proud), expecting pack-out date to be finalized this week, 3 of our 4 vehicles are up for sale, one has sold, and I have 2 weeks left at my job! whew!

oh my, what broad shoulders you have...

Our social calendar is a tad overwhelming with dinner dates, Detroit Restaurant week, happy hour engagements, and this just in…tickets to see Steve Martin perform his award winning bluegrass album. I can’t wait! I am secretly hoping he wears that arrow-thru-the-head thing. This is one concert tee I won’t resist. I also just signed up for a “Culture of Dairy” class that takes place this Friday at our local soup kitchen/urban farm. I’ll learn to make butter, cheese, yogurt, buttermilk. I’m still knitting and reading like a fiend, completed 2 hats. Finishing up a beautiful (and overdue) bag which will complete my end of a swap bargain with an illustrator friend, Stacey Malasky- her link is on the side. (I’ll post separately on this.)

the original wild and crazy guy- a week from tonight!!

With our time in Detroit ticking more and more quickly away, I find myself wistfully adding “awww… this is the last time we’ll be…(insert any number of tasks) in Detroit” to almost every outing we take.  Like just this last week, I got the last haircut I’ll get in Detroit, gave the last nutrition presentation to a group of “high-risk” teens that I’ll give, ran the last race that we’ll run. (Snakes finished 30 seconds shy of his Boston qualifying time!!! AH! 30 seconds!) We attended our final supper club in Detroit and I had a final birthday brunch with a dear friend.  While some final events impart fist pumping, high-fiving, tail wagging relief others make me more than melancholy.

I was talking to my mom a couple days ago and realized that I hadn’t really asked her how she felt about this whole FS thing. They live about 2 hours from us currently and they visit every 1-2 months for lunch and a swing through the market. This Sunday I’ll meet her in Ann Arbor for brunch and window shopping. We’ll each drive about an hour and spend the afternoon.  It’s the last time we’ll do this. When we spoke she told me how excited she was for us and all of the opportunity, challenge and adventure this brings. On a personal level, she reminded me of how she’d never have visited many of the places she has if not for my living there (NYC, New Orleans, Detroit). And while she thought that married life would settle us (Snakes & me) into one spot, it’s done quite the opposite.  She told me that she’s thrilled by the prospect of traveling to other countries where she’d never have considered vacationing before. It opens up a world of possibility and unique vacations for our families and friends too.  So as our time in Detroit draws to a close, I  extend the invitation to all of our friends and fam, you are always welcome and only a car, bus, train, plane ride (or 3) away.


4 thoughts on “taking stock

  1. Wow. Eve. We DO have a lot in common. Beyond our FSO husbands and our shared love of food– I TOO have two giant dogs! A chocolate lab and a yellow one, Otis and Rudi. Are you going to live in the Oakwood when you get down there? Perhaps, we can take a dog walk?

    1. we’re in capitol hill. I didn’t think big dogs were allowed in the Oakwood compound. (35# limit?)that’s why we looked elsewhere. we’re kindof city folk anyway, plus we have good friends who live around the corner. I’m impressed that you can walk your two dogs and two daughters at once. I look forward to meeting you!

  2. How exciting. I’m happy for you as you embark on your journey. We are still rotting…err, waiting patiently… on the PD register. Best wishes wrapping things up in MI.

    1. thanks emily.
      I’ve been thinking about you lately. (It’s not as creepy as it sounds). But I’ve been working on some projects in my studio and it’s amazing how instantly my nerves are calmed and anxieties melt. I know you’ve mentioned that you are an artist. Have you been getting any studio time in? Might not be a bad idea.

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