settling in

We made it! It’s been a sweaty and exhausting week of packing, hauling, unpacking and organizing. We ended up taking one more day than planned in Detroit lounging at the pool, reading the Sunday NYT, and preparing ourselves for the drive. We rented a uhaul since we recently sold all of our vehicles. Also we had to sort out transportation for Snakes’ motorcycle, my studio, and all the kitchen stuff that we can’t bear to be without. This scenario presented just one (or rather two) minor challenge(s); two drooling, panting, hirsute challenges to be more exact.

Monday morning, bright and early, we checked out of our gracious hotel, refreshed and eager for the drive. After dropping off a few library booksthat were about 3 years overdue, we picked up the boys who had been holding down the fort over at the empty loft. Reggie took the spot in the middle, between the two bucket seats. Banjo took the “spot” on my lap. A ten hour drive with an 80# chocolate lab on one’s lap is actually not as snugly and comforting as it may sound. Fortunately I had just given them both baths the day before. We made it to DC unscathed after just one sleep over in Breezewood, “city of motels”, PA. I thought the coffee was an appropriate harbinger of our not too distant future.

Boxes are pretty much unpacked, clothing is hung and cupboards are close to filled. It’s been so long since we’ve shopped in a regular grocery store that I was a little thrown off by what we actually needed. We decided to hold off and get most everything Saturday at Eastern Market, which is only two blocks from where we are living. AH! I just love it!!! This neighborhood is gorgeous as is our house. We were a little nervous considering we’d only seen a few fuzzy shots on line of what the house looked like. The pictures did not do justice. It is clean, spacious and despite being a row home, filled with natural light. We have a nice courtyard that with a little TLC will provide a perfect space for grilling and outdoor dining. Our neighbors are friendly and eager to offer suggestions on pizza, good coffee, bike routes, etc. Unbelievably, one even stopped by with a plate of “welcome to the hill”cookies!! I thought that only happened in the movies!

I am delighted that we were able to arrive a few days in advance. We’ve had a lot of fun riding the bikes around town. (Hooray for bike lanes!!) Yesterday we popped in to the American History Museum to visit Julia’s kitchen on display (ALL those knives… the copper pots, so beautiful…) and to feast our eyes on Fonzerelli’s leather jacket. So wonderful that all of these museums are FREE!


4 thoughts on “settling in

  1. Eastern Market is AWESOME!! Have you seen the dog park at S. Carolina and 6th yet? It’s quite the popular spot for the four-legged population.

    I’ll be departing for post in 3 weeks, and I’ll need to clean out my apartment of the dry goods, cleaning supplies, and random bottles of lotion that one accumulates while at language training. If you want/need anything (since you’re in the neighborhood!), let me know! (Kind of a weird offer, but you get used to it… every time an FSO departs post, his/her colleagues descend upon the house and ransack what’s left over.)

    1. thanks. And you’re right, it is a little weird. But sure- I’ll take whatever you’re leaving. No sense in throwing it out.
      since you’re more familiar with this neighborhood- any suggestions on cafes, bakeries, chocolate shops, etc?? went to Matchbox for pizza and chimay (on tap!!) last night- amazing! any favorites you would suggest?

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