day 1

Monday morning has come and my guy is off to the races.  I really felt for him this morning as he plunged himself into an icy cold shower. At least he’s awake. The previous tenants canceled their account with DC gas instead of transferring over our info to insure uninterrupted service. This translates to no hot water.  I went down there first thing this morning with a copy of our lease to get this sorted out.  Unfortunately they can’t come until tomorrow morning. We’re looking at it as good training for what’s to come once we’re overseas and at the mercy of developing infrastructures.  But for now, we’re still in the states and desperate for the “luxury” of hot water.

Saturday night one of Snakes’ fellow classmates hosted a little cocktail party at her place. It was a blessing to meet a handful of people on a smaller scale before heading into the more formal Sunday get together, which was overwhelming but a wealth of information. In addition to the 153rd class, there were a bunch of people there from a previous class (151st) who’ve gotten their assignments already and are into their language training. Everyone is SO friendly and helpful. What an incredibly dynamic group! I am exhausted and assuming Snakes must just be fueled by adrenaline at this point. The dogs, of course, are next to me, snoring. I’m never quite sure why they’re so tired.

I am formulating a schedule for myself in order to stay productive; working hard on self-discipline. We went out to Georgetown Saturday afternoon and cruised the bike shops. I developed a major crush on this lovely lady.

I just need to add a basket and she’ll be perfect. My thoughts keep drifting back to her which is making it very difficult to maintain my focus. Today I’ll get a good start on assembling and organizing my studio and finishing up the back yard. Our UAB (unaccompanied air baggage) has arrived, I’m just waiting for it to be delivered. The house is really coming together nicely, I hope we get to stay for a little while. I’d better get busy since tomorrow will be a big day… hot showers, UAB and rumors that the bid list will be handed out!


4 thoughts on “day 1

  1. Eve! I am jealous of your “house.” The Oakwood certainly has its merits- especially with kids, but your situation sounds way more homey and comfy. The whole backyard situation really makes me green with envy. Also, it baffles that your UAB has arrived sooner from Detroit than ours has from New Jersey.

    Anyway, I wasn’t able to make it to Sunday’s reception (lack of babysitter), but I am going to the orientation on Thursday. Will you be there? If so, it would be great to meet you in person. I too am looking for ways to stay productive.


  2. Having a bike will increase your happiness by at least a factor of 10. And no, I don’t know what that means really. Bad at math. Maybe it is better to say that having a bike in DC is one of the best decisions you will make in your entire life.

    GOOD LUCK. And wear a helmet. And watch out for opening car doors. And curbs. And sweet jumps. Ok I’m done.

  3. i have a good friend who works in dc at a bike shop as well as with a bikes for kids program – he is an alumni of back alley bikes. i’m sure he could help you find a good deal on bike – something used that fits your aesthetic. let me know if you want me to introduce ya’ll.

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