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When I first started writing this blog I remember asking a friend (who blogs) for some advice. He started out by saying, “whatever you do, DON’T complain. No one gives a shit. And anyway, there’s too much bitching and moaning out there in the blog world already.” So I set off to create a blog that would be interesting, informative, and entertaining. I reread my entries ad nauseam to make certain there wasn’t a whiff of self-pity, because let’s face it, we’re pretty damned lucky to be in the situation we’re in. (And I fully recognize that.)

Now, barely a week has passed since our arrival, and I’m feeling a little out of whack, wondering if what I’ve created here (this blog) is worth the effort. I mean, if I can’t vent here occasionally, where can I? I have no editor, unless you count my 20-years-in-journalism husband. If it gets too “heavy”, my “followers” (all 9 of them) can just click away. Although considering they’re all my family, they’ll most likely just pick up the phone to make sure I’m okay. I suppose everyone in my situation starts feeling a twinge of existentialism, most likely with each move. While our spouses are off learning interesting new stuff and meeting fascinating people, we’re figuring out where to store the UAB that just arrived (his tools, my shoes). It’s all up to us, right? We have the responsibility of reminding ourselves of what motivates, inspires, or swells our hearts with joy. No family or friends around to say, “aw, shucks, blow it off. Let’s go eat cupcakes and then try to squeeze into whatever we find on the clearance racks”. Not much that and a sunny day can’t fix. But who’s going to bring me back to reality when I insist on ordering and devouring two full sized cupcakes because I seriously cannot decide? Who’s going to tell me that even though that dress may be marked down from $249 to $39.99, it’s really only appropriate to laze around the house in (eating cupcakes) pretending that I’ve just stepped off a “real women for Anthropologie” photo shoot. I’ll buck up. I’ll be fine. I’ll steer clear of Georgetown Cupcakes and Anthro. I have tools to unpack, things to organize. Maybe I’ll just go put on a colorful gauzy dress with shoulder appliques to do it in.


12 thoughts on “fun and games

  1. I think it’s your blog and you can do what you want. I adore your writing! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your fun adventures. And, if unpacking and storing in a fancy dress makes you happy, go for it! 🙂

  2. There’s a difference between complaining and venting. Any good piece of writing should have insights and/or tension, right? I’m not a fan of sunshine-and-lollipops all the time in blogs. Sometimes I want to hear some less-than-stellar news. It makes me feel better. See: Schadenfreude. (Germans are wacky!)

    Anyhoo. This move, will take some adjustment. Try to go with the flow, for now. This is all new territory and it’s too early for introspection or measurement. Y’all always have us in Michigan and we’re rooting for you both.

  3. There are lots more than 9 people reading! And it’s your blog, I agree. There’s nothing wrong with complaining if that’s what you need to do. Sounds like you are a bit lonely. I’m sure there are other spouses out there feeling the same- maybe a cupcake date with one of them is just the thing you need? Good luck.

  4. Please, please complain. One of the valuable things about foreign service blogs is that they give a glimpse into what we’re told over and over again is “not a job, but a lifestyle.” A lot of potential foreign service spouses will likely read this and sugar-coating the reality is going to be doing your audience a large disservice. So by all means, feel free to be honest.

    Also, some of us spouses who aren’t in language training occasionally gather for lunch during the week. If you’re interested, let me know!

  5. I am not your family, I love your blog, I love you. Even though I haven’t seen you in over 5 years. You have succeeded in building an interesting, thoughtful, accomplished and aesthetically superior life. An adventure, a gift, a challenge. Have no guilt about living any kind of life you choose. The picture you paint here enlightens and inspires me and also makes me feel close to you, dahling.
    Shop, garden, cook, cry, cut yourself an afro. Plant some seeds even if you don’t get to watch them grow themselves to seed. XXO

  6. Kindred spirits we are… In so many ways. At least you have the uab to unpack! Where’s mine? Hmph. Anyway, tomorrow will reveal much, I’m sure. Your comments require an email address. Are you able to see mine? If so, feel free to use it. Our husbands met today. This blog thing is weird in that we all know so much about each other without ever having met. Weird. Tomorrow look for the lady with freckles and “wearing” a very small baby. That will be me!

  7. While it’s probably true that 24/7/365 whining on a blog could become tiresome, that is not in any way the sort of person that you are.

    You are just starting out in this life, and you will have to wrestle with the tone of your blog as you go along. But please do not think that people are reading FS blogs and only looking for the ups. They are looking for the downs and the in-betweens. They are looking for the reality; the humanity… the big picture. I encourage you to allow yourself to be authentic. It’s a great ride! But there are lows to balance out the highs. People understand that, for that is life.

    Blessings to you as you work through finding the style and voice that fits you!

  8. I love your blog and appreciate your carefully crafted wording and beautiful photography. Belive me I am very eclectic w my reading, but really enjoy your blog. Fresh, witty and artistic! Keep it up,
    I’m number 10! Finally double digits!!!

  9. It’s your blog, do as you wish, but I don’t think a vent now and again will make anyone think you are anything but human. Oh, and a second cupcake won’t hurt either. I am thinking I must hit that bakery when we get to town next month.

  10. thanks for the encouragement and feedback, friends, family and fellow bloggers. And for the record, I have neither purchased a new dress nor wolfed down two consecutive cupcakes since our arrival; that was just an example to illustrate a point. So don’t worry I haven’t completely lost my self-restraint!
    I appreciate the love. xo

  11. A cupcake or two always sounds good! And any time a girl can pick up a beautiful dress to lounge around the house in is the right time, especially when it’s such a bargain! You could even wear it to unpack tools and eat cupcakes in if you watch your Ps+Qs. It’ never improper to be elegant at home. LYTP mommie

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