the great “guac-off” 2010

Last night we hosted the 153rd class for a guacamole competition. Although I didn’t get an accurate head count, I’d say there were around 60-70 people here.  I made a chipotle brisket served with spicy slaw and pickled onions, wrapped in corn tortillas and a fresh watermelon mint salad. Everyone was exceedingly generous with freshly made salsas, brownies, various dips, cheeses, and booze. I think our bar is better stocked now than it was when we opened our doors last night.  I realize that statement defies logic but it’s just meant to illustrate the generosity of our guests!  Oh good lord and don’t get me started on the nacho chips in our pantry… (maybe like 7-8 unopened bags?)

Snakes and a co-organizer classmate sent out invitations via email to the 153rd announcing the competition. Participants were instructed to bring their “A-game” guacamole which would be tasted, discussed, and judged by all in attendance. The winner was awarded with a bottle of champagne and most importantly, bragging rights. Runner up got a six pack of el Presidente.

It was a gorgeous evening, if a bit steamy.  I suppose with 60+ people in your house and 13 bowls of jalepeno spiked guac, things are destined to get a little heated up.  I had a great time getting to know some of these characters, such a fascinating and dynamic cast. With bid lists submitted and only 8 days until flag day remaining, many conversations were heavy with “post speculation”.

Reggie spent his time wandering from place to place, securing the perimeter, making certain to always have Snakes in his sights. Banjo set up camp right beneath the table to maximize any snacking potential that may find it’s way within snout’s reach.

Today we are off to do a little holiday weekend exploring and check out the “Rolling Thunder“, a group of bikers (tens of thousands) who descend upon the capitol to bring attention to POW-MIAs. In fact I can hear them rumbling by from where I sit.


9 thoughts on “the great “guac-off” 2010

  1. Eve! You didn’t bury the lede, you wrapped it up in a carpet and threw it off a bridge. Who won? And I’m jealous. But we did visit with the Bennetts Friday and I’m meeting Tim Go-lightly to shoot guns in about an hour, so i got that going for me, which is nice.

    Miss you guys tremendously.

  2. My my~60 people sounds like a smashing success! I’d be interested in knowing what made the top guac so outstanding… looking forward to our visit! Dist be carefull with all that motor cycle business. LYTP

  3. Sounds like so much fun!

    Can’t wait to try the chipotle brisket & slaw. Maybe I’ll try it out on the Pardos next time we hang out on our deck and enjoy another beautiful Michigan summer evening.

    Please post the award-winning guacamole recipe!!!!

  4. All that guac looks yummy. I love steve’s comment about burying the lede, wrapping it up in a carpet and throwing it off a bridge. Ha!
    I hope you are settling in. The dogs look settled. Don’t you love it? Lay down the dog bed… done.
    Is flag day… dare I ask… tomorrow?
    Good wishes for you.

  5. Steve- you make me laugh! and I miss YOU tremendously.
    I will research the guac recipe winner, it was a pretty standard (classic) guacamole which won. People are a little guarded when it comes to sharing trade secrets. He (the winner) told me it was a recipe he’d heard on an All Things Considered segment a while back. I will ask again for more specifics and write an addendum to the post if necessary. And it’s a matter of national security, not divulging names of attendees or winners! I’m really not at liberty to discuss specifics. International men/women of mystery, indeed!
    Because of holiday, flag day (when we find out where we’re headed) is on Monday!

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