my numbered days

Just as I begin to ease into my new “independent business woman” persona, I look at the calendar and realize there are only two precious weeks left until I start language training. This training is no joke, Monday through Friday, 8 hour days with 3-4 hours of class time and the remainder in language labs.  That translates to a full time job, learning Portuguese. From what I understand, I’m pretty lucky to be able to register for the class. Space is understandably reserved for the FSOs and other embassy staffers.   Thankfully I am not required to pass any tests once the class is completed. That takes a load of stress off.  Snakes,  however, is required to test at a proficiency level of 3/3, which means he’ll need to be able to speak and read/write fluently.

With whatever spare hours remain, I plan to keep plugging along in my studio. I spent last week working to fill an order for some wallets and clutch purses I’m shipping back to a little boutique in Detroit. Today I spent the morning and a healthy chunk of the afternoon updating the etsy site.  I’m not really sure how shipping is going to work once we’ve relocated to Africa. I’d imagine they have DHL or Fed Ex. I should look into that.

I’m also in the process of researching and applying to various shows in the area. If any of you know of any not to be missed “indie” craft shows (besides Crafty Bastards), please let me know! I have an application deadline quickly approaching in the first few days of July. When we lived in Michigan, I usually participated in a 3-4 shows per year, a couple of summer ones and usually a few holiday markets. Although it’s no fun schlepping things from place to place, once things are all set up I always enjoy myself. It’s a great time to network and see what other talented and creative people have got going on. Not to mention some of the BEST shopping on the planet.


6 thoughts on “my numbered days

  1. If you are interested in selling at local festivals, the ones that come to mind are:

    The Adams Morgan Festival in September is pretty well attended, although can get rowdy:

    Bethesda Row Arts Festival in October with a much richer demographic:

    The Sugar Loaf Craft Festival in Montgomery County in October, draws a wide range of people:

    There are probably as many local festivals as there are areas of the D.C. metro!

    For regular venues, you are most likely familiar with Eastern market. There is also the “Western” market in Adams Morgan every Saturday: When I lived in Adams Morgan it used to be much smaller than Eastern Market, but worth checking out since the percentage of things handmade was higher, at least two years ago!

  2. So glad you get to be in language school — but, yes, it can be intense and exhausting! Though, I’m sure you’ll love it!

    I’m not joining Hubby for Swahili (I’d like to, but with the kids. . . not this time.) The boys and I have started on Pimsleur Swahili. My 12 y/o already has phrases rolling off the tongue. Me? It still sounds like jibberish. *blush*

  3. Hiya!

    A and I are interested in buying/commissioning some things from you. I definitely need a small wallet-like thing to keep a number of business cards in, and we each might want a leather satchel/briefcase/thing. Lemme know what you think and maybe we’ll get together and discuss.

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