transportation and logistics

A few weeks back I took a class at FSI with the same title as this blog post. I spent the morning learning about various aspects of moving overseas I should most likely be obsessing over. Blessing or curse, I’ve always been a take it as it comes kinda gal and can’t see myself getting too twisted up about something that doesn’t happen for another 8 months anyway.  Although it was very informative and rich with resources, it wasn’t nearly as exciting as what’s been happening over here on Capitol Hill, our own trifecta of transportation adventures.

First off, I finally got my new bike! I’ve actually had the bicycle itself for a couple of weeks but the basket just came in a few days ago. It’s a Peterboro, handmade in Vermont since 1854. In the description it says it can “accommodate a small dog or cat for all of your bicycle trips”. So far I’ve just used it for groceries but I have to admit to fantasies of getting Banjo a step ladder so he can easily climb aboard. I wish I could at least photoshop him in to the picture. *

just imagine a mud dog in the basket! Too cute.

Secondly, Snakes has been stalking BMW motorcycles on the internet ever since I have known him. He spouts off different makes and models excitedly, clicking on various links and BMW sites, as my eyes slowly glaze over.  He’s just been waiting to see where we’re headed before pulling the trigger on the purchase.  And that day, my friends, has finally arrived.

"Did you hear a truck outside?? I think I heard a truck.."

He is now the very proud owner of a 1990 R-100 GS Paris-Dakar (see what I mean, didn’t your eyes just glaze over too?) It got to our house Thursday afternoon, appropriately on the eve of his birthday.  It looks like a huge bad ass road worthy dirt bike to me. The 10 gallon tank allows longer trips into the African countryside without having to haul containers of gasoline along.

We recently came upon this blog, which is the travelogue of a surly group of South Africans who took a motorcycle trek through Angola. They got some incredible photos of the “beach” which lies to the south of Luanda. It seems to be more like a dessert that connects to the ocean, miles and miles of sand. I don’t think we’ll do anything quite so extreme but we plan to do a fair amount of exploring through Luanda’s neighboring regions.

And finally, aforementioned birthday was Friday. His one request? A segway tour.

I made reservations with “Segs in the city” segway tours for their sunset “National Monument Safari”. We rolled from 7 til 9. The weather was ideal, our last day of civilized temps for a while. In those two hours we visited the Washington Monument, Jefferson, FDR and the Lincoln Memorials. It was fun, but living within a mile of the monuments, we ride our bikes through there all the time. I really just wanted to get some speed up on that baby, despite its 10 mph speed limit. When the tour finished, we hopped on our bikes and rode back to our neighborhood, ending the evening with a late dinner at a neighborhood French bistro.

It was an excellent beginning to our holiday weekend. Tomorrow, picnics and fireworks over the mall, a relaxing Monday, and Portuguese begins on Tuesday!

*photo credits for me on my new bike go to Snakes.


13 thoughts on “transportation and logistics

  1. Oooh, I really, really love that basket. I am toying with the notion of a new bike, and love the look of yours…do you absolutely love it (guessing yes) and could you share the name? I may have to copy the basket. I realized what a blessing they were when Cait had one on her bike the other day while riding around in Chincoteague.

    1. The bike is a Biria, I got it at bicycle pro shop in Georgetown, very reasonably priced. I do love it, but it’s not “all terrain” by any means. Fine for me, since I only ride in the city. The basket is truly where it’s at. Packing it up momentarily with a picnic, heading down to the mall for an afternoon of fireworks and sunday papers! Hope you and your fam have a great holiday.

  2. I’m glad Snakes pulled the trigger on the bike. And I love the basket. Your blogs are great, Eve. Thinking about you guys this holiday weekend. We had my parents over yesterday — my dad replaced the showerhead while the girls scrapped. It was an all-day thing so I got to serve lunch and dinner. Smoked salmon with smoked salmon spread and bagels for lunch and smoked brisket with smokey tomato and white kidney beans. Can’t wait for “Chef’s Club — D.C.” come the fall.

    1. so glad you’re doing tomatoes too now! YUM. I am really looking forward to your visit too. We’ve pledged to only speak portuguese (ah, yeah, we’ll see how that goes…) at home. So I’m sure it’ll be a welcome respite when the two of you arrive.
      xoxoxo love you guys!

  3. Glad I read this blog—did not know about the new bike! Safe riding you two….Guess which bike I prefer…….

  4. LOVED the link to the bikers in Angola… here it was, a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, and I’m holed up on the balcony, reading some bikers forum, shouting “More More! More!” at the computer screen. Hubby was looking at me mighty funny…

  5. Hi, Eve – I loved your stuff @ Crafty Bastards so I decided to check out your Etsy site to see if you had the purse I liked in any different colors. Then I stumbled upon your blog. Does your husband ever ride the Dakar to FSI?? Just curious b/c I park my Honda Rebel next to one that looks just like that every once in awhile! (I’m taking Arabic in prep for a tour in Cairo). In any case, small world. Look forward to seeing your Etsy site once it’s back up and running….

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