a race, a visit, and mais do mesmo.

(Portuguese for “more of the same”- I think…)

I wish I could say that our vocabularies, comprehension, and grammar skills were increasing as quickly as our expanding book bags but I fear I would be leading you all on. (And yet, here I sit, Sunday afternoon, blogging. Punk.)  This past week ended with “movie Friday”, which means that instead of a lunch hour all of the Portuguese students (both Brazilian and Continental) gather with our brown bags and watch a movie in Portuguese, (in addition to only 3 hours of class time, instead of the usual 4). This week’s was “the Central Station”, deservedly nominated for two Academy awards.  It was a great movie for a student with fairly simple vocabulary. We were delighted to find that we understood a fair amount. Though that could have been my brain playing cruel tricks since there were English sub-titles after all. So we press on. We are hoping to orchestrate a 2 week Portugal immersion trip in November.  There are a few hurdles to jump before that, but it gives us something to look forward to.

In what’s left in our regular lives, I continue to prepare for a show next weekend, the 14th and 15th. It’s a first time show sponsored by the DC commission on the Arts and Humanities, Arts on N. They took out a full page add on the back page of the weekly newspaper, City Paper. I was surprisingly delighted to see my name in print when I snagged one on my Thursday morning commute.  If anyone’s out and about next weekend, stop by and say hi, specifics in the above link. Support the arts! Shop locally!

Last weekend we got out of the city for the morning, to Seneca Creek State Park. Snakes has signed up for a series of 10k trail runs through Running Maryland. This was the first of 3, through the woods and around the above lake. Get a “fresh off the trail” account of his experience here. He did well, but was disappointed that he came in 6th in his age group… alas, just one shy of placing and earning a free pint glass. Better luck to him this coming Saturday, when he tackles race two at Little Bennett State Park.

Finally, my gorgeous sister came for a visit this weekend! It was the first time she has traveled without her little ones. It was a much appreciated visit. She arrived Friday evening and took off this morning. We spent Saturday shopping, chatting, laughing and eating ice cream. OF COURSE there was a prohibitively long and sweltering line outside of the Georgetown Cupcake shop, so we opted for an alternate sweet treat. (UNbelievable, really, what people will go through for cupcakes…or is it?) For dinner we walked over to a neighborhood restaurant, the Belga Cafe. As the name implies, it’s a Belgian Restaurant. The food, service, beer list (!) were impressive. Have I mentioned how much I adore living in this Capitol Hill neighborhood!?


4 thoughts on “a race, a visit, and mais do mesmo.

  1. The cupcakes at Cakelove (U street) are FAR superior, and no line.

    I’m disappointed we’re going to miss your show this weekend-we’re headed out of town. Hope it’s successful!

    1. “FAR superior”???!!? Oh my god. My taste buds are cramping in anticipation. The thing I really liked about G-town cupcakes was their size. While I prefer a “mini”, theirs are the next best. Still a splurgy treat but not a guilty-inducing full-sizer. I can’t thank you enough for the hot tip. (Obviously) SO eager to try.

      1. The Cakelove ones are not huge, either–I would say fairly comparable to the G-town ones. They are also similarly pricey, at $3.25 each. But, they tasted a lot better, in my opinion. Try the lemon curd ones–loved those!

  2. Oh. Lemon curd. I just love those two words together. I am a quality over quantity kindof gal. If it costs more because of superior craftsmanship, artistry and ingredients then I am happy to shell out $5+ for an exemplary specimen. I’m going a little cross-eyed now. I will get there this weekend and satisfy this mania.

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