because hard working girls deserve pretty things

A few weeks ago, some friends (who are currently studying arabic- can you even IMAGINE?) came by for dinner and drinks.  Afterward, they asked to see my studio. I’ll spare you the ego-stroking details but let’s just say that she appreciated my aesthetic and asked if I could make her a bag and wallet. We proceeded to rifle through various piles and boxes of leather until we found something that she liked.  The following are a few photos of what I ended up putting together for her.

This little guy was an afterthought. Like I said, she originally commissioned just a purse and wallet, but on further consideration thought she should probably have a matching business card holder as well. Who am I to argue with that fine logic?

This is a more full sized wallet. Although it is very simple in design (ie- lacking a change purse…good hardware is impossible to source) I’ve carried a similar one for years and the change actually stays put right in the slot intended for bills.

And finally…

the city bag. (In turquoise lined with a watermelon colored suede… Love it!) This is such a great bag. It has a faux-buckle with a magnetic closure, one cell phone pocket inside with a secure zippered pocket right next door. And the colors she chose make my mouth water… I’d challenge anyone to carry this bag and still be in a foul mood. It is entirely saturated, inside and out. (Some of you may recognize this basic style from when I made a bag a little bigger than this one for a friend of mine.) I really love how this saucy little trio turned out and it delights me to know they’re going to such a great home… from Arlington to Syria to…


7 thoughts on “because hard working girls deserve pretty things

  1. Honestly Eve, every piece of work you do is even more delightful then the last! I can only imagine how this one will inspire you for the upcoming show. Good Luck

  2. Hey Eve, do you have a website for the business? I’d love to get a price quote on a business card holder for myself… 😀

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