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Just home from Arts on N.  As I’ve already mentioned, it was an art show sponsored by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, vending open only to artists living and working within the District. What a great, forward thinking city that in these crummy economic times they still are allocating funding for projects like this intended to revitalize less popular areas of the city.  It was a small show, under 20 tents, but surprisingly well attended despite the rain.

A few FSO ladies ventured out in support. Always great to see familiar faces when I do these events. And of course it’s refreshing to double-take everyone out of their FS element. I hardly recognized them without their language lab ear-muffs and drive-thru mikes, glassy eyed, staring ahead at a computer screen trying to detect a potentially disastrous difference between “ghhhnahng” and “ghhhnaahhnnng”.  Thanks for swinging by gals and I hope you enjoy your new goodies!!

Consistently, the most exciting part is the people I meet, my “neighbors”.  Inevitably people cut from the same cloth as I.  It’s life affirming. One lady works around the corner from where we live as a very talented costume maker and milliner for the Shakespeare Company.  She was incredibly generous with information and offered to show me around their workshop. We are planning to meet for a happy hour soon. On my other side was another amazing woman and the main reason for this post.

Have you heard of the non-profit “art enables“?  I pulled from their website:

In the Nation’s Capitol, a studio and gallery for emerging artists with developmental and/or mental disabilities. Their chance to make art comes through Art Enables. Their reasons for doing it are their own: to have something to do, to make money, to feel important, to tell the world who they are, to become famous. All those reasons and more.

This gallery/studio provides mentally challenged individuals a place to come and create their art, where a staff offers direction and critiques. I was SO impressed with not only the concept behind this program, but the work itself. There are pages and pages on their website, very reasonably priced. And the best part??? Their annual inventory sale, this Saturday the 21st from 2-5. Everything is half priced! 60% of the sale price goes directly to the artist, (who will likely be there during the sale!) the remainder essentially covers framing costs incurred by the gallery.  This type of thing sets my heart aflutter.  I am already planning which one (ones?) will be coming home with us.


12 thoughts on “art in DC

  1. Ooh, I had no idea and I know I probably should have…will you have any other events soon (forgive my ignorance, brain is like a sieve right now)…I know you have the Etsy shop, but would love to see in person!

  2. I love the description of the language lab experience! (Ooh, “language lab experience” makes it sound like a ride at Disneyland. Would it were so.) It was fun to see you yesterday. We then walked all the way home!

  3. Jen- don’t apologize! good grief, woman, you’ve got ALOT on your plate. I have plenty of shows coming up. I’ll find you on FB, that way you can get little reminders. The next one should be very kid friendly. Lots of interactive art projects, etc. “Arts on Foot” Saturday 9/11.
    Stephanie- such a pleasure to meet you and I fully intend to swing by tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and place some “bids”. Hope to see you then!

    1. Argh, I may be out of town that weekend…well, I will catch up at some point, my kids love festivals and I am dying to see your work in person…thanks for the FB friend, I will look for updates there!

  4. Ok, I officially love your blog. I found it on an FSO aggregate site and as a newly minted EFM and book/paper artist I was thrilled to see your stuff. It’s beautiful!
    I’m bummed I missed the “Arts on N” but I will keep my ear to the ground for more things like it. Any suggestions on where to find out about things like that?

    1. brooke-
      just spent the morning clicking through your beautiful blog and coming from you (gorgeous aesthetic!) the above compliment is very kind. Thanks. Your pictures are so rich with substance and color. I am assuming that you guys are in Nova currently? Oakwood?
      as far as shows go… I am doing Arts on Foot 9/11 and Crafty Bastards on 10/2. From what I’ve heard CB is quite the event. I hear about a few from the etsy street team “CREST”. In an earlier blog post one of the other EFMs posted a bunch of links. I’ll look it up later and email you some stuff.
      I’ll be applying to holiday shows soon too. I’ll keep you in the loop. Let you know where and when if you’re interested. Have you done shows before?

  5. LOVE this Eve! Thank you for the link, have heard of these folks before though never how to connect, great stuff.

    So wishing I could just swing on down on your show dates…

  6. gah! your work is so beautiful! When you get to post let me know, post-to-post shipping is free I think 🙂 Love the blog, good luck with the language lessons, its totally worth it when you finally ship out.

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