a study in self-discipline, take 1

I’ve been MIA for a few weeks. A quick review of what’s been happening over here:

September began with a visit from Detroit friends. They were here over the holiday weekend. Although I was dutifully preparing for “Arts on Foot” festival, I managed to sneak in quite a few evenings out (above at 2 Amys, one of our DC faves)  and one in with the “chef’s club– DC edition”.  The guys prepared a beautiful menu based on recipes from Donald Link’s book, Real Cajun. Luscious Crab Salad served with a thick and juicy slice of tomato, Crawfish Pasta, Fried Chicken with dirty rice and creamed corn and ending with an off the cuff fresh peach, bread pudding/cobbler.  Phenomenal, and as usual, way too much food.

Snakes’ parents followed with a visit that next week, staying on through the weekend and attending my first “big” show in the district.  They arrived Thursday night with a cooler full of deliciously marinated steaks, a homemade peach raspberry pie and a basket full of freshly picked tomatoes. (such great in-laws!) Snakes pointed out that my “pie production” has been disappointingly low this summer. He’s right. I haven’t rolled out even ONE measly crust. (it’s been too hot for pastry dough, right??) I suppose I’m a little late for peaches and berries. I’ll see what I can do with what’s left at the market before lemon meringue season is upon us.

Finally my Dad, stepmom and  brother came in for a visit this last week. He was in town attending a conference while the others explored and enjoyed DC. We were treated to 3 consecutive lovely meals out, ending with what’s becoming one of our “guests-in-town” staples, Ray’s the Steaks. I don’t know if I’ve ever lived in such a popular destination. Odd that so few came to visit when we lived in Detroit…

In the blink of an eye, September is winding down and summer is wailing her sticky swan song with two consecutive 90+ degree days. Next weekend is Crafty Bastards, the big fair in Adams Morgan that I’ve been prepping for non-stop!

Oh- right and because this is a FS blog… as you all know by now, I opted to drop from the full time Portuguese classes and continue with the distance learning. After a fair amount of confusion and incorrect registrations, I am finally enrolled and set to begin next week. I am expected to commit at least 8-10 hours of self-study and meet with a mentor for one hour per week.  I don’t foresee any problem keeping up with this. I’ll keep you posted with how it all shakes down and how I test at the end, just in case there are others who are grappling with a similar situation. So it begins, with my studies in Portuguese, a study in self-discipline. Based on this blog post alone you can see that it’s not my strong suit. If my inability to turn down dessert is any indication, I will likely be languishing in monoglot purgatory once we reach our destination.  Mercy! What a glutton.


4 thoughts on “a study in self-discipline, take 1

  1. Two Amy’s, huh? We’ve long been searching for the best DC pizza, with no real luck so far. We’ll definitely check it out. Thanks!

    Plus, anywhere that lists a “helicopter” option under directions (“please call ahead for heliport arrangements”) has already scored big points with me. =)

    1. aw- I never noticed they could accommodate helicopters! Too bad ours is in storage…
      2amys is excellent, but I think it’s their house-cured charcuterie and gorgeous seasonal specials that entice me the most. The best pizza I’ve had is right down the block from us at 7th Hill Pizza. Very close to Eastern Market too, so you could do your shopping then grab a pizza.

  2. The lack of pies was simply an observation _ who doesn’t like pie! _ and I would add that my ice cream production has been down as well. You should have mentioned the extraordinary chilled lemon souffle you made Friday night — that may even top some of your pies!

    1. I agree with Snakes. That souffle was truly a revelation. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since I took my final bite. I’d like to have some more… right now. Also, in my opinion, pie season is just beginning. You have all fall to make up for lost time– apple, pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan!

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