fall weekend

We tried out our dining room fireplace for the first time Saturday night. My fire building skills are a little rusty, but I have faith that with just a few more tries they’ll be back up to a respectable level. Our old house in Detroit had two fireplaces, one in the living room and one in our bedroom, both of which we used regularly. I think it’s a shame that the latest trend seems to be ones that are ignited simply by flipping a switch. I’ll have to admit that I don’t really understand them. Take away the sounds, the smell, the excitement, the toasty warmth, and the occasional flares, and what’s left?

Snakes had prepared dinner (homemade pasta with shrimp scampi and a big green salad) to continue on his week long “carbo-load” in preparation for the Marine Corps Marathon. This one was his 13th. He had a good strong finish with his second best time. I met him at the finish line at the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington. For whatever reason, I always get really choked up at these things. I am just so proud of everyone!  It inspires me to do MORE, be MORE and above all, remain dedicated. And of course the track was lined with Marines (who all look SO young!!) and I think of the courage and devotion that these guys have. I held it together and was able to do that throat clearing thing whenever I felt my eyes welling up to the point of a spill. (Big sunglasses help too!)

Once we made our way home, I made blueberry pancakes and (per his request) scrambled eggs with hotdogs mixed in. (Wha…?…) “A delicacy” in his book. Later we carved pumpkins and arranged them on the front walkway, eagerly anticipating the deluge of trick-or-treaters.  As it turned out, the carving was the most exciting part. Of the 30 or so “kids” that showed up wide-eyed with sugar sticky mouths, maybe half even bothered to put on a costume!!!  An outrage!  After venting on facebook, a friend suggested that for future Halloweens I should consider two bowls of candy- one for the kids who dress up and another (with tootsie rolls and starlight mints- maybe last year’s candy canes) for the “kids” who couldn’t be bothered to even throw a pillow case over their heads.  I’ll have to admit that I’m considering it. A little wicked, but let’s be honest, so is this holiday.


5 thoughts on “fall weekend

  1. Hotdogs and scrambled eggs – especially Hebrew National – are a delicacy. My dad cooked them for me. To do them up right, you add some sauted onions.

  2. Loved the use of our “nature finds” on your website….and now to your Sunday lunch.
    Guess what we had for Monday breakfast? Scrambled eggs with hot dogs, the healthy kind without nitrates!!!! Loved your Halloween decor, carved pumpkins, etc. What will next Halloween be like?

    1. v- the “osage oranges- horse apples- monkey balls” were a huge hit at my show on Saturday too! I had crowds of people wondering if they were for sale! If we weren’t having that big brunch this weekend, I’d probably have sold them. My mom said she’s bought them before at her market and they don’t rot but rather just slowly desiccate as their vibrance fades. But the texture is still something to behold!

  3. I honestly can’t believe the audacity of those costume-less “kids”! That takes some major cajones. I wonder if the Angolan trick or treaters will be so bold? I would prepare the two candy bowls just in case. Throw some Necco wafers into the “bad” bowl for good measure (although, I kinda love those them).

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