prime time

Last weekend was my 37th birthday, a prime number birthday. (Math dork alert: my entire birthdate is prime… 11-13-73, so I get really excited when I’m turning a prime number too.) We got out of town for some fresh air and lazy dogless mornings. It was a perfect birthday weekend as far as the weather was concerned.

Every year I get even more introspective than usual around my birthday.  I like to take stock of the year just passed and set a loose framework for the one to come. I generally make some type of resolutions. Of course there are the ones that are always getting kicked around year after year… floss daily (I know- what a lazy jerk, right? I’m up to about twice a week now), exercise with something even remotely akin to regularity, strengthen my yoga practice, blah blah blah.

Last year this time we were in Paris, awaiting the security clearance. Snakes had passed his oral exam on 9/11 and was offered a spot. I remember receiving the email when we were sitting in a little cafe eating a huge plate of charcuterie, arm wrestling for the cornichons and sharing a carafe of wine. I also remember our realtor telling us that he’d shown the house to a couple who was very interested. That couple ended up buying the house two months later.

As the new year rang in, we celebrated our first year anniversary and Snakes bid farewell to his prolific 20 year run as a journalist, agreeing to a buyout with 6 months severance. With the sale of our house we moved into a loft down near where old Tigers Stadium once stood. When spring began punching through the flat dead terrain we started to get anxious, wondering if it was hasty and foolish to take the buyout before he was officially offered a spot in an A-100 training class.  The offer came mid-March and rescued us from the dread that was slowly creeping in.

In early May, we were DC bound with Banjo and Reggie sardined into the front of the U-haul. We made it to the city, unpacked and started making our little Capitol Hill place our own. Snakes completed A-100, was handed the flag of Angola and braced himself for the impending brutality also known as language training. I continued working in my studio after a brief two month full-time FSI language stint, participated in many area shows and continued to build my product line. (****see side bar “etsy site” link. I am crazy with pride for figuring this out since wordpress does not read java script.****)

Okay. That’s pretty much my year in a nut shell. Now comes the thoughtful part, what I can do to improve OR things I’d like to accomplish. I guess I feel like writing it here may somehow hold me accountable. And it will serve as a touch point for next year, when I put myself through this all over again.

1. and two make three. Enough said. Building shrines, saying prayers, taking good care of ourselves and doing what we can. I really hope that by this time next year I’ll be able to add one more thing to my dossier, “mommy”.

2. Write 2 letters per month, read 2 books per month, shoot for 1-2 blog posts per week. This may just happen naturally depending on how often I’m able/allowed to leave our house/apartment once in Luanda.

3. Floss every day. No excuses!! I’m inching into my “late 30s”. What a snaggle toothed creep! I can’t believe I’m airing out my plaque-y laundry like this. Someone get the scraper hook!

4. Continue to challenge myself to do and try new things, creatively and socially.  And to be more kind to myself while I’m at it. Oh, and bake bread. I really want to bake some nice bread.

5. Exercise.  Exercise.  Exercise.  More yoga yoga yoga. I’ll start with 3 times per week on each.

I’m a math dork, a numbers freak. I’m constantly adding, subtracting, factoring random numbers like the date or our address or our grocery receipts. I love prime numbers. Divisible only by themselves and one. That’s so hot, so exclusive.  I have 37 years, (6 whole years since my last prime number.) Snakes has 43. Both are prime. My inner numerologist tells me that we are destined, ALIGNED if you will (…will you?), for a remarkable year.


9 thoughts on “prime time

  1. 1. The “mini-store” = awesome.

    2. Baking more bread! Did you add that before or after you got my birthday present? If before, I am so proud of myself. If after, I am happy you found a way to work it into your resolutions.

    3. Here’s to a wonderful year and many more additions to your dossier!

    1. 1 & 3- thanks!
      2- kinda both. It was one of those things on my perpetual list that I’d (once again) over looked. Your gift just reminded me!
      Hope to see you tues for lunch.

  2. I had baking bread on some list and I have mastered it somewhat thanks to ‘Artisan Bread is 5 Minutes a Day’ I am now always the one asked to bring bread to dinner.
    Good luck and Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy belated birthday!! I also turned 37, yesterday!
    I like your approach to birthdays much more than mine. I usually do this kind of introspection on NY’s along with everyone else, though I do take it seriously. But yesterday was just kind of depressing! I need to take care of me on my bday, not wait for others to do so!
    And here’s another one who needs to floss. But I think I should start with once a month, which would be a great improvement. Have a great year!

    1. wow, that’s funny! happy belated. and good luck with your own resolutions. Do a post about them! that way you’re more accountable. (At least that’s what I’m hoping…)

  4. I second Amy’s suggestion. . . and Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day is great. (Aannnnnd. . . vital wheat gluten and yeast are easily available with Amazon Prime, which, to my understanding, has no problem being shipped overseas. *grin*)

  5. looking at the photos….did you have a lucky catch last weekend??? love your writing as always….many hopes for the next year for you, too….it’ll be another exciting one for sure…lbj

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