what’s cookin?

But of course! Just some buns, fresh from the oven.

I’ve been deliberately ignoring the blog because armed with the information I have, I was beginning to feel a little disingenuous. Why all that talk of surf camp just to shrug it off and opt for beach yoga in the eleventh hour? What ever happened to the preggo-project? Flash a little emotion then just clam right up? What gives?  The last couple of posts seemed to harbor little half truths and since I always want to be as candid and honest as possible with what I write here, I took a blogging break.

With that said, perhaps regular readers (and certainly close friends, family and, hello! all 277 of my facebook friends-since I announced it Tuesday) will already know what I’m referring to. Very shortly after my pie pity party post back in early December, we found out that we are going to have a baby!  Due August 12. (Do the math on that and you’ll realize that we actually found out that same day…)

First off, I feel just fine, if a bit tired, bloated, and frumpy. My “morning sickness”  amounted to a couple of passing moments of nausea. Now into the second trimester, maybe regaining some vitality? Not sure just yet. One thing I am sure of is that I can’t seem to get enough carbs, cucumbers or Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. (Just writing that makes my salivary glands zip to life.) Unfortunately we live a mere half block from CVS.

So, things are still moving right along. As it stands, I will need letters from my doctor excusing me from the yellow fever vaccine since Angola requires proof of vaccination to be let into the country. I still need to look into the rabies, tetanus and malaria pills. Obviously I’d prefer to do as little as possible without putting the lil bambino or myself at any risk.  For now the plan is to medevac to South Africa for 3 months so Snakes could visit more often than if I was in the states. Plus this may increase our odds of him being there for the delivery. Anyone out there in Johannesburg who wants to be a big waddling pregnant lady’s friend? Anyone know of a good OB-GYN? Would I be pushing it to ask for a midwife or doula?

My sister and SIL are planning a baby shower for early March. I don’t think I’ll look much more than porcine at that point, but since our pack-out is that next week, I’d like to be able to put as much into our UAB as possible.(UAB: baggage that’s shipped as air freight and arrives at post in 3-6 weeks) I’m still confused about the layette shipment, I think I need approval from post to have it added to our orders.  One more sticky little detail is that our HHE (up to appx 7200# of our household effects like furniture, dishes, pans, etc) doesn’t arrive for 6 months, that means after I return with a newborn baby strapped to my hip. Shaping up to be a very interesting first tour.  However, until all of this comes crashing down around me, I have some other sticky little things to contend with.


31 thoughts on “what’s cookin?

  1. Wow — congratulations!! So exciting. Don’t worry, everything will work out with the move. It is terribly hectic but everything eventually gets there. We actually have usually gotten our stuff in between 2-3 months — don’t know if that’s true for Angola, but I don’t think it will take 6.

    1. Thanks! I guess the issue is that things get tied up at the port. It’s so incredibly busy that although things may arrive in 2 months, it takes another 4 to get through customs. That means car, consumables and HHE… and we’re not allowed to walk anywhere. I am in for a very rude awakening.

  2. we’re so excited for you guys! i’ve been fascinated by the whole process of birthing a kid in the foreign service so i’m excited to hear about your adventure. are you going to find out if it’s a he or she? either way i can’t wait to send you a little something!

    1. Thanks Sarah!! I was wishing we’d have found out the sex earlier so I could capitalize on your etsy half off sale! We won’t know until just before we leave. I may have a day or two to scurry about picking up a few things, but chances are I’ll just stick to gender neutral for the first few months. They grow so fast anyway, right?

  3. Hooray!! many, many congratulations!!! I have thought of you from time to time and as I opened this and saw the buns, I was so thrilled! Hope you keep feeling well. All the best to you both.

      1. No worries, I have your email. Joburg just happens to be where a bunch of my networks collide. Ask me for an OBGYN 10 minutes away, couldn’t help. But for Joburg I likely can.

        Meanwhile, I was so busy being “business-like” that I forgot to say CONGRATS!

  4. Love those buns!!! Your baby’s going to have a very cool life and all that unsettled-ness will mean nothing to him/her. And it will only be a brief memory when your 75!

  5. Oh man. I don’t know which is more exciting– the pregnancy or those BUNS! I have to admit that my easy-bake oven here is so unpredictable, I am weary of baking anything in it. Roasting and braising is scary enough. I wish I could eat those buns with you and talk about the “must-haves” for the new baby. That said, if you have any questions as you prepare your shipment, let me know. I am a pro at scaling down to the absolute necessities at this point. Of course, should you discover that yours is a female bun, I will send you loads of stuff via the pouch. Unfortunately, we got rid of the very tiny stuff, but that’s what people usually buy for you anyway. Congratulations, Eve and David! What an exciting time.

  6. So happy for you guys! (And terribly jealous of your easy first trimester, too.)

    All the logistical stuff is a nightmare, isn’t it? I’m assuming you’ve got your hands on all the cables and guidebooks from State, but if not let me know; I’m happy to forward anything along.

  7. Oh my goodness. My heart had been hurting for you because I know how bad you wanted this. I am thrilled! email me your address, puhleez….
    Love, Renee

  8. Ahhhhh! Congrats!!!! Our babies’ due dates are only 12 days apart! Maybe we’ll someday be in a post together where we can introduce them! Hope you have a wonderful and pleasant pregnancy and if you haven’t started to pull out of fatigue-zombie land yet, know the end is in sight!

  9. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SO so so happy for you guys! What great news! However, know how it adds to the excitement of the move. We found out 2 weeks after we arrived at post, so no time to think about it (or prepare either really). Our due date is 6/21, so as you have ?s, I can try to answer from our experience.

    Happy times and best for your pregnancy and a healthy bambino(a)!
    I too am jealous for your smooth 1st trimester…. mine, not so much 🙂

  10. Fantastic pregnancy announcement! (Those cinnamon buns look way wicked delicious and have me drooling — may have to make some here now!) We are THRILLED for you both! Don’t stress about all the logistics — most important: your health and baby’s. The rest will all fall into place. It looks like you are getting some great support in J-burg — that is a Med Evac place for us, too, so I know it has some great medical care. Such exciting and wonderful news and times!

  11. I’ve been a bit behind in reading my favorite FS blogs and look what I missed! Congratulations! South Africa and Angola – your kid will have quite the first year of life! And those cinnamon buns look a-mazing!

  12. Congrats!!! This is awesome news.

    I’m guessing you’ve already asked post if anyone that’s leaving has little baby stuff they might want to sell. I also don’t know if Angola gets DPO/Pouch, but if so it might actually be easier to buy and order things on Amazon and get them delivered. Valerie and I would definitely have more advice if you want it, but I’m guessing you have a surplus of advice and a shortage of solid answers!

  13. Just catching up … many congrats to you on your pregnancy! Hope you got all the answers you needed / wanted re: medevac, layette shipment, etc…

    As someone whose done it a few times overseas, I”m happy to help answer any questions!

    BTW – those buns look delish!

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