shameless navel gazer



Wrapping up my 35th week of pregnancy here in lovely Johannesburg.  I haven’t accomplished much besides settling in. It’s an incredible break from the hazards of Luanda (see last post). Everyone insists I need to rent a car and I’m slowly coming around. I’ve been determined to do as much as I can on foot since walking through my gorgeous leafy neighborhood is such a joy and I fear these luxuries will not be physically accessible to me for much longer. This girl is getting BIG.

I live about a mile from a huge shopping center and have been happy to get a little exercise all while running errands. There are books stores, clothing and home boutiques, groceries, loads of restaurants. And all reasonably priced!! They have two separate movie theaters-one for blockbusters and one for independents. Movies start as early as 9:30 am! I have a feeling that fulfilling my life long dream of being the solo viewer in a great big theater has an honest chance here.

The odd thing about this city (and the reason I will eventually need to rent a car) is that EVERYTHING is walled in. Whether it is the housing complexes, shopping centers or the downtown area of little neighborhoods. I imagine it’s left over from apartheid, but it is strange and disconcerting. I wonder how people maintain a sense of community here. I am careful to not become too relaxed and day-dreamy on my walks, even though the cleanliness and order (so different from Luanda!) encourage me to do otherwise. I save my day dreaming for the homestead.

I had a long overdue appointment at a salon this past Wednesday. Oh true love! What a luxury. They saw me coming and I’m ashamed to admit that I agreed to each and every little extra. Super deep conditioning? Well, sure, if you think I could benefit. Leg and foot massage added on to the pedi?? Ah, yeah-  it’d be good for my circulation, plus I walked here, mind doing it for twice as long?? oooh, a special offer on crazy expensive shampoo and conditioner? You think it really makes a difference? yeah? throw it on my tab! When the bill came I sputtered and choked on my free (or was it?) cappuccino. I am so lucky that Snakes has a generosity and sense of humor about this stuff (or does he?)… Nevermind. My toenails are lilac and my hair is shampoo-commercial glossy-tossy.

On Monday I visited the birthing center where I’m planning to deliver. I was able to tour the rooms and meet with my midwives. It was like a plush hotel: king sized bed, giant whirlpool tub, a private courtyard with 6 foot jade plants in bloom, a spacious walk-in shower. They have a “theatre” on site- (which is a fancy way of saying “OR”) in case of emergency C-sections. It put my mind at ease and really brought home the gravity of this situation. We are having a baby!


*disclaimer: self-portraits always seem so desperate and creepy, and clearly I was having some challenges with the focus, but didn’t my hair turn out pretty? And get a load of that belly. Whew. That girl is not messin around. A piglet for sure.


15 thoughts on “shameless navel gazer

  1. Sheerly amazing proportions. I love the first photo where you are looking down. SO GLAD you took this self-portrait so I can see you lusciously goddess-ripe! You look truly gorgeous. Nice blowout, too…

  2. Ah! I love it!!!!! You are so radient and beautiful, and ready to POP! Thank you for posting such wonderful photos of you, these moments are so precious and I’m so happy you shared them with us. Oh my, your hair is so silky and shiney, and I laughed to see your toes peeking out from under that big o’ belly. Lots of Love to you Eve, Summer

  3. You’re almost there! But enjoy your lovely surroundings while you can! I remember being sooooo anxious to just have the baby already. For some reason I naively thought things would get easier when I was done being pregnant. Ha!

  4. You look entirely beautiful! So excited for you! I have started a delivery blog entry, it isn’t done yet. It’s long and will surely bore many. It’s quite a ride and how quickly I’ve forgotten the last nine months now that I look at the amazing little person before me. So happy for you and will continue to send warm thoughts your way. ENJOY South Africa (must admit I’m a bit jealous of your birthing center!) !

  5. You look great!! Soo glad you can be in South Africa instead of Luanda for a little while, though I can imagine it must be lonely!! I get lonely here even though my parents are here. Glad to hear you got your Sophie! 🙂 Don’t you wonder sometimes what people in the foreign service did before Amazon?? Heck, without the internet? Hope things keep going well!! Will try to keep the internets posted on Thumper’s arrival, can’t wait to hear about your Little One!!!

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