solitary comes to an end

With only a few more days until my dance card starts filling up in earnest, my excitement is building. I was lamenting to my sister that I’m like a poorly trained dog who you must resist petting or even making eye contact with for fear of inciting a mad drooly riot with a toenail skittering soundtrack.  No one is safe from my eager chatter: check out clerks, taxi drivers, the guy who guards the popcorn salt selection at the movies, my housekeeper,  oh! poor Rosalina.

On Tuesday, my grace will be saved when one of my best friends from New Orleans arrives. Some of you may remember me mentioning her here or here in the past. She’s staying with me for about a week then is off to explore Kruger and Cape Town. Although I’d love to join her, my mobility is a tad compromised for now but more importantly…. my reptilian partner in crime, my handsome diplomat lover, the one and only tender-hearted man of my dreams, that visa processing dynamo himself…Snakes, arrives next Saturday! If I could do a cartwheel (haha!) I would do five! Hoot, Hoot, Hoot!!!

Oh dear, where are my manners? Excuse me. Now where was I? Right. So Snakes gets here in 8 more days! This signals the next very important countdown on my day planner to begin ticking away, the arrival of our little lady (due 8/12) and the accompanying deflation of my currently curviest curve. And after that, my friends, life as we know it will never be the same. My goodness, what a year.

Mid-August, Snakes’ cousin is coming for a 10 day visit, followed immediately by his parents who will remain with me and the wee one until mid-September, since he returns to Luanda at the month’s end. Finally, my mom is crafting a plan to join us for a portion of the remaining time. Whew! This stretch of solitude is about to come to a clamorous halt. And none too soon. I’m learning that if you combine extended periods of loneliness and odd, gratuitous shopping, then frost that all with a bunch of pregnancy hormones, things like this will soon make their way into your life…

I couldn’t resist. And, really, should I have even tried? I mean, especially in my delicate condition, one shouldn’t over exert. This thing has already brought me quite a bit of satisfaction and it just came home with me yesterday. Even though I don’t have anything to sweep up just now, (since part of the deal on this apartment is twice a week housekeeping) I can guarantee that some day I will. I am actually looking forward to spilling something really soon, tempted to fling some rice around. Regardless of my nonsense occupations, I keep hearing that babies are wild and messy, so maybe it’s more useful than I’m giving it credit for. For now, just knowing it’s propped on the counter ready to return my gaze with a benevolent smile makes it worth every rand.

And in case flirting with a dust pan isn’t cause enough for concern, I’ve made three more friends at the fancy grocery store just this afternoon. Since these ones are actually living and breathing, I’d say things are looking up!


15 thoughts on “solitary comes to an end

  1. Love the smiling dust bin! I would have gotten that too! Don’t forget to put your feet up every once in a while!

  2. It sounds like you’re reveling in being in South Africa. I’m so glad you’ll have company soon! I love the dust pan–it makes me smile just looking at it!

  3. Oh, I just had to smile! First of all, I am really happy to hear that you will soon be showered with love by all of your upcoming visitors, good for you. But most importantly, I have had the very same dust pan hanging from a magnet on my refridgerator for nearly 2 years now, though mine is red. My kids right away named it Mr. Crumbly and when they use it to sweep up something they make these wonderful munching sounds, like he just can’t get enough of those crumbs. We think the name suits him perfectly, especially when you look at him from the front with the brush intact and it looks like a moustache. Enjoy!

    1. carrie- that’s awesome! I haven’t considered a name yet, I suppose I should. But I love it that yours also makes munching sounds when he’s hard at work. I had a hard time selecting the color- but in the end, I can NEVER resist this sea-foamy green. (it’ll kinda even match my kitchen aid mixmaster!)

  4. Wonderful post! I love that dustpin – please tell me I can find it online somewhere, you always have the cutest stuff!
    Also, I love that phrase “diplomat lover” and I think I’m going to steal it 😉 Thanks!

    1. it’s made by “dulton”. I spent a little time googling a retailer because I wanted to link it up but I didn’t have much luck with any in the states, there were a few in the UK- and I couldn’t find any with the amazing color selection that seduced me so. Maybe you’ll find one at a home goods boutique in Djibouti..? (sorry, couldn’t resist)
      Good luck!

  5. A little early for this tip, but when it comes to wild, food flinging babies, a dog is your best housekeeper. They eat up all of the mess, which probably forges a giant bond between baby and canine.

  6. If you would quit hooting all the time you could probably make some new friends. They just don’t want to be embarassed. Cute dustpan and plants though!!! LYTP

  7. loved the photographs (the plants together) and obviously, the smiley dust pan!! good luck with your “visitor on-the-way”… great experience. had a baby in South Africa, and she loves telling people she’s Africaans… 😮

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