3 days shy

Thoroughly enjoying springtime in Johannesburg. Brimming with gratitude for all that this gorgeous and abundant city has to offer. (Groceries, cafes, pain au chocolat (!!!), thriving art and design scene, milkshakes, movies, textiles, inspiration everywhere…) Totally grateful that my guy is here with me now too. This weather is idyllic, low 70s during the day, 40s in the eve. Very little humidity, my hair has never behaved so well. We are forever delighted to be greeted with such genuine smiles. This may be one of the friendliest places I’ve ever been. Chatting with the clerk at the pharmacy last week, she beamed with pride when I told her how much I’ve been enjoying myself here. “Ah, yeahzz, momma, tis a beautiful country”. How is it that a stranger can call me “momma” and it sounds so endearing?

Speaking of which, due date is the day after tomorrow, Friday the 12th. Although I had convinced myself around 3am that there was some regularity with what I perceived to be contractions, after switching positions they went away. I still feel great, if a little impatient. I’m mobile, not swollen or achy.  Planning a milkshake and movies date night (again!) tonight.

Snakes had the day off at the consulate yesterday thanks to National Women’s Day, so we decided to take a little day trip. We loaded into our Spark Lite rental car (which has a smaller engine than his bike…) and headed out into the foothills just north of the city. It was just over an hour drive to reach our destination: The Ann Van Dyke Cheetah Sanctuary. It was a gorgeous afternoon of what I think can best be described as “Safari Lite for the Very timid or Very pregnant”.

One of the highlights was getting to pet this cheetah who had the most resonant and soul-stirring purrrrr I have ever heard, a borderline growl. Such incredible creatures! After a brief intro and photo-op with the sanctuary’s star we all climbed onto big open air trucks and bumped along through the grounds. Most animals were behind fencing: endangered brown hyenas, rescued vultures. Oh, how I loved the vultures! I have a whole new respect for these guys and the good work they do, removing disease from carcasses across the continent before other scavenging mammals can become infected. AND they mate for life! Who knew that vultures were such hard-working romantics?

As we ambled our way through the park, we were greeted by wild dogs, antelope, ostriches and more cheetahs, all of whom were free to come right up to the trucks. Sitting in the back corner, I was unaware of my proximity to the raw meat filled feeding cabinet. This didn’t pose much anxiety until the end of the tour when the cheetahs were prowling around and sniffing out dinner. I’d be lying to say that I wasn’t concerned with my preggie hormones and smells which I suspect delighted (?) these hungry cats. Luckily they were sated with their massive chunks of lean meat donated by the local zoo.

On our drive home we started tentatively planning what we’ll do this weekend. Bush babies, lions, elephants, maybe stick closer with a tour of Soweto or a trip to the botanical gardens. (There is SO MUCH to do and explore here!) It’s such a strange time. We are so eagerly anticipating our girl and know we need to keep active to spur her arrival. More spicy food, bouncy drives, long walks, “early bedtimes”, purring cheetahs….what else, mommas?? We’re growing impatient to meet our little lady!


17 thoughts on “3 days shy

  1. Ooh, sounds like a great way to spend the time and I agree with the spicy food. Of course, I ate it like crazy before Nick was born…and I probably shouldn’t mention he was 12 days overdue?! Thinking of you!

    1. Jen!!! You just made me scream NOOOOOOOO at my computer screen! We’re on a schedule over here and 12 days late would be too sad for Dad who would leave like 3 days later…. I will spice it up and bounce on yoga ball. Do I need to start contemplating castor oil??!

  2. I look forward to your posts every week! You are a phenomenal writer. I feel like I am right there with you when I read your words.

    Enjoy this time with your husband. The “then there were three” moment is fast approaching.

    I wish you all the best, Eve!

  3. Spicy food worked for me, too. I love reading about your new adventure, and am so glad your finding much to enjoy. So excited for you…..you’re going to LOVE being a mom! 🙂

  4. Eagerly awaiting your next post! I love the photo of you two with the cheetah. I read your post and had to show it to my folks. You are amazing! Hoping for smooth sailing and an on time arrival for you all.

    1. You’re on my mind as your joyous occasion nears. Try more of the bumpy car rides…..it worked for me (even though Jen was 2 1/2 weeks late!) Can’t wait to get your “new arrival” note.

  5. Oh that is so exciting! And I’m thrilled to see your post- I’ve been eagerly stalking Travel Orders’ blogroll hoping to see one from you.

  6. I went for an “induction massage” that allegedly helps to stimulate labor….48 hours later, my water broke and my little pixie was born 6 hours later.

  7. Hey Eve,

    So excited for you guys! The lengths we will go to to get that baby moving! I tried everything, BUT the castor oil…although I seriously contemplated it. I was 5 days late. The night before my water broke I ordered the spiciest salsa I could get from this restaurant in Mexican Village downtown. The boys and I are convinced that’s what did the trick! 🙂

    Enjoy all this rest and lounging now. I haven’t been to a movie in almost a year now!
    Looking forward to meeting your little one soon!

    1. Anne! Well hello there! It’s always so exciting to realize that people read this blog. Thanks for the advice, I guess she’s not ready just yet… For the most part, I’m totally fine, we’re just bummed because ‘Snakes’ heads back to Luanda on the 28th and they won’t induce until the 26th… Hope you’ve all adjusted to your new family dynamic with the little one (Rosalee?) – almost a year now, right!? wow. Much love to you all!
      xo eve

  8. I remember the day before I went into labor, I helped Mark to take down and pack up his glass show at the Jonathan Ferrara Gallery and then I squatted by the curb for hours planting a garden. I suspect squatting to be a good labor inducer!

  9. Good luck! I can’t wait to hear all about her. Our kids were late a lot too (one made it right on the due date though; the one day I didn’t plan for). Waiting can be hard! Wishing you the best of luck. You look fantastic! I hope you enjoy these last few days.

  10. Ditto for all the comments! Gosh I am so excited to see the pics of BabyGirl Josar.. Have you given her a nickname yet? Snails? Turtle? Do you see a theme here.? hahaha

    1. Tania! This made us laugh. Obviously it is something we’ve been contemplating… nothing has jumped out at me yet. I guess we’ll have to meet her first, before she gets her animal spirit guide blog alias!

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