the promise of adventure

Today is the one month birthday of our little lady. The time is quickly approaching for us to pack it up and leave this city. (For any of you FS people out there who may be wondering, I would rank Johannesburg as a definite HIGH when bidding. I LOVE it here.) Though bummed to leave, my excitement to unite our family is greater. I’ve been watching a lot of the Dog Whisperer and will need to remember my “calm, assertive energy” lessons when I see the goons again. Cesar dictates that until the dogs are “calm and submissive” I must resist the urge to drop to my knees and schnuzzle those muzzles. Am I capable? I’m guessing not. Sorry, Cesar.

Snakes’ parents left last week. (Many blessings to you both. Thank you for making the journey and for making my life much easier!) My very own momma arrives tomorrow. I’ve had a little over a week to take care of business solo, which has been filled with as many challenges as rewards. It’s reassuring how our creativity and ingenuity step in during times like these. And how adept I’ve become at operating with one hand. (hunt, peck, hunt, peck) Nap times are as sacred as long hot showers. I think the bit of advice I heard most often is the most difficult to honor, “sleep when the baby sleeps.” When am I supposed to brush my teeth or eat or drink or bathe or….?..? When Bushbaby dozes, that’s when.

In twelve days, we return to Luanda. We will be one quarter of the way through our tour. Hard to believe I’ve spent as much time in Jo’burg as I have in Angola. It’s not easy preparing myself for the return to austerity and restriction while luxuriating in the blessed abundance of the local grocery store, “Woolies”.  (It is asparagus and snow pea season down here on the flip-side of the equator after all.) In Luanda, security directives have been redefined and tightened in my absence. At least this time I know what to expect and presumably my sense of smell has diminished since giving birth. As long as there is always something to look forward to, whether an amazon package, a TDY (temporary assignment) in Brazil, a dinner party distraction or a return visit to the BushBaby Monkey Sanctuary  to spend more quality time with Snakes’ dear friend, Sarah, the dignified spider monkey. Of course there is the obvious attraction of our very own Bushbaby and her antics to occupy our time.

 In the following weeks as I reacclimate to life behind walls with scummy barred, painted shut windows, I hope I’m able to keep the malaise and dread at bay.  I’m counting on my “baby-goggles” to help me see it all with a fresh perspective, a more positive one I hope. I’ll leave you with the following bit of wisdom from a friend’s recent facebook status update:  “if you approach every journey like you’ve been there or somewhere better before, you miss the adventure. and isn’t the promise of adventure the reason you walked out your door?” Indeed, the promise of adventure. Thank you, egc, for the timely reminder.


10 thoughts on “the promise of adventure

    1. thank you Tracy! And thanks for reading. Hopefully I will find the time for regular updates now that we’re back in Luanda. And as dull as life is here, that those updates will continue to be interesting…

  1. Wonderful post 🙂 Enjoy your last little time in SA and the precious time with your momma. I can say the less accute sense of smell on the return to post was a welcome blessing for me too. Whew! And the return here with a full family was much nicer than our first arrival a year ago. I landed feeling accustomed to the city and better for knowing our way around… and of course, for having a happy family beside me. I think you too will be even happier landing in Luanda the second time around… and of course, for the beautiful family reunion that awaits. Enjoy!

  2. Ah yes! The things I’ve learned to do one handed! And the things I’ve learned to pick up with my toes whilst using both hands to hold the baby, I feel almost ready for the circus! Good luck going back and reacclimatizing, I bet it will be strangely nice to be back. Plus, having a little baby, you really can’t/don’t get out of the house as much, sort of a blessing in disguise when going out is gloomy and polluted. Stay well! Enjoy the last few weeks in Jo’burg!

  3. It certainly is the reason we walk out the door! Great thought~and didn’t we have some fine adventures? Miss you all so much. Keep those pix coming and I’ll be looking into skype! xoxo grandma

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