bushbaby habitat

Sitting here tossing around possibilities of how to begin this blog post and my decision was clumsily made for me by clicking “publish” rather than “preview”. Oops. My apologies to my friendly subscribers, a wordless post awaiting them in their inbox. Can I still blame the “new mama haze”?

During nap times, I’m tip-toeing back into my studio with little projects here and there. (see Halloween flamingo) We finally pulled together our inaugural stitch-n-bitch ladies night last week with great success. Snakes watched the little one while I enjoyed myself immensely on my first night out solo. There are so few activities, destinations or social outlets here that it’s very easy to slip into a depressed isolation. As a new mama, it’s even easier.

I force myself to take daily walks, sometimes even 2 or 3. The greatest challenge is the environment in which I am walking. Whether it’s the drunks, street kids or the well-meaning fruit ladies, everyone wants to touch and rearrange the “branquinha” (little whitey?) who’s nestled neatly in my carrier. I know people mean well but I’m still so new to this, and pretty protective besides. It’s hard enough to be so far from family and friends. The cultural challenges add another layer. I wish just once I might be greeted with a smile and a genuine “Bom dia!” rather than expressionless stares that feel like glares. Do things get easier? Will we always be the outcasts?

Enough whining. Aside from the usual challenges we all face in the FS, I’ve been doing alright. I made this mobile for over Colette’s crib this past week. I twisted some wire together for the frame on top from which I suspended 13 long strands of fishing line. The mirrored discs down the middle were from a set of wall decals my MIL had sent before our HHE arrived and I was desperate for ANYthing to decorate with. They work perfectly here, catching and tossing bits of light throughout the room. I unearthed some brightly colored vellum while straightening my studio, cut it into rounds and glued it together along the line. I’d work on it while she napped, then prop her up to watch. She really enjoyed it. I was surprised by her attention span.

I hung it just this morning and already it has proven its mettle. During this afternoon’s nap, I heard her wake up, let out a couple of little cries, then nothing. I went up to check and she’d fallen peacefully back to sleep. Hooray!

Now the nursery is pretty much finished. There are bits and pieces from many different talented friends, old and new, and family. I’m happy with how it’s all come together, colorful but still pretty peaceful. I’d like to frame some pictures of our families for along the back wall. Until things outside these four walls feels more hospitable, the least I can do is try to make things within these walls as interesting and lovely as my mish-mash of art supplies allow.


9 thoughts on “bushbaby habitat

  1. I hear it’s incredibly difficult to photograph the elusive bushbaby in its natural habitat. The mobiles are great, very retro. She is ridiculously sweet…I can’t wait to inhale the scent of that fuzzy head and tickle those tiny toes!

  2. Love the mobile!!! Colette has grown since I saw her~a lot!!! Through the bars of her crib her arms and legs look really chubby. She looks so grown up sitting inside that round pillow~like she could be sitting totally on her own.Missing the Bushfamily.xoxoxo

  3. Love it!

    Baby is going to be in our room, mostly. Making some changes. . . but we have a “nursery nook” around the corner in our upstairs foyer planned. In spite of a spacious house, no real room for a nursery proper. Then again, with the other boys, even when we had a nursery they spent more time in my room, the kitchen, living room, car. . . *grin*

  4. Ahhh!!! What a beauty, and what a talented mommy. Please email me i have been trying to send you pics from my phone and i must have something wrong lytp2

  5. what a lovely nursery! the mobile is fabulous. thinking of you, new motherhard can be hard (even while it’s also wonderful) under any circumstances, so be good to yourself and keep getting out there.

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