Invitations are complete. The Bushbaby and I delivered them to the embassy last week. Of course we’ve had a few dinner parties here in Luanda already, but this one is the granddaddy: our Third Annual Valentine’s Feast. We will prepare a 6 course meal for ourselves and 9 others. Stay tuned for details of the menu and inevitable hijinx. Here’s hoping all your Valentines were dipped in chocolate, washed down with pink bubbly and covered with love and kisses. Happy belated, my friends. xo


8 thoughts on “invited

  1. Love your invitations…so delicate and lovely. What a treat it must have been for each guest to find themselves presented with one of these Valentine’s Day “Golden Tickets.” Enjoy your soiree!


  2. Beautiful. I’m sure that your guests will feel loved from the invitations, the meal, and the company hosting them. Such a wonderful gift to give others. You are inspirational.

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  4. Anne- 6 course homemade meal or not…you should never wish you were in Luanda. Trust me.
    Laura- Mostly we just work with whatever ingredients are available, but your brother does have a signature, show stopping dessert he likes to bust out every so often. He’ll be making it this weekend.
    NBN- there is one FSO who’d like us to adopt him. He’s always so effusive with praise and appreciation- guaranteed spot on the guest list! Didn’t you promise to come and do the dishes last year? Will you be zipping over from Maputo?? If the mail service worked I’d have sent you a proper invitation! See you at 7:30??
    Emilio- there is no mail service here- no postal stamps, no postcards. I could send through DHL, but it is prohibitively expensive. Sorry I can’t help you with your project.

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