Oh what a life! One email from DC just set the direction of our course until around December 2015. It’s stuff like this that makes me scratch my head in amazement that we’ve chosen such a lifestyle. It is exciting but pretty unsettling too. We submitted our bidlist a few weeks ago, said a little prayer and built our mini shrine.  We received notice yesterday that after our tour in Luanda is completed in April of 2013, we’ll be headed for Santiago, Chile. We’ll be in the states for around 8 months for language classes and home leave. (I imagine this news will make some grandparents out there very happy!) Visitors? Until I have time to do a little research-this will have to suffice!

And now since Bushbaby and I are rumored to be leaving for R & R on Friday- I should really get packing. (or maybe not- would you believe that after 2 SOLID months of working with the travel office, I STILL do not have our tickets for a flight that leaves the day after tomorrow?)



14 thoughts on “onward

  1. Congratulations on Chile!! I think you will fall in love with it! 8 months back Stateside with the wee one will be a nice break and transition — such great news!! Safe R&R travels!

  2. Congrats on Chile! And no tickets yet? That’s insane. Ugh. Anyway, I’m sure you’re being inundated with Chile connections, but if you want me to link you up with an A-100 colleague who arrived with a 2 year old, let me know. She’ll be gone by the time you get there of course but might have some toddler related insight.

  3. Congratulations! or I guess I should say Felicitaciones!
    Chile is a dream come true, I would guess, right?
    What an amazing adventure!!!
    Good luck packing – but remember, you can buy anything you need there!

  4. Great news – congratulations!! That should be an absolutely wonderful post and a great change after Luanda. The next year will hopefully go quickly with exciting things to look forward to. Enjoy R&R!

  5. NBN- our excitement builds with more research. Can’t wait to get back to the states (leaving in 14 hours!!) and poke through B&N for Chile books!
    Alex- That would be great. Snakes had an A-100 colleague who is still there whom he’s been chatting with, but more insight and different perspectives are good things. I’ll email you soon.
    Meredith- it is quickly becoming one (dream come true)- it was one of those that I just bumped up to our top 5 in the 11th hour without giving it much more thought than- “Hmmm…wine. Chile produces a lot of wine…”
    Amy- hm. The Lone Star country?
    Carrie- Tremendous! My spirits are starting to lift already. Or maybe that has something to do with the fact that I’m leaving today for a 5 WEEK R & R!!??! Either way- the spring has returned to my step!
    Sadie- thanks! I constantly look forward to our upcoming escapes. Maybe another TDY in Rio- Namibia- 2nd R&R- Key to survival!
    Kristin, Donna, Daniela- THANKS!!! We are really happy.

  6. Congrats! I’ve never been there, but everything I’ve heard is that Santiago is great. I’m so happy for you guys!!

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