first mother’s day

Last Sunday we were invited to a mother daughter tea party, hosted by some ladies from the embassy and their daughters. We began our day with a walk to the embassy and a pancake breakfast by Snakes. He generously offered to be our chauffeur to the party also. Because he’s a runner, he has a much greater handle on the layout and flow of the city. Me? Not so much. I drive the four blocks to and from the embassy to pick up mail. I know I need to get over it but with reports of expats getting their windows smashed while stuck in traffic and tightened security telling us that we’re forbidden to drive on certain roads, I’m in no real hurry.

We had a really great time. I love to see the bushbaby squealing with delight at all the other kids. I need these reminders of how important it is for me to leave the house and interact with something besides the computer screen. I went through a minor dark spell last week (sounds so crazy now) where I couldn’t force myself out. I kept thinking, “what if I leave the house and I feel worse? what then? at least this way I’ve got that hope to cling to- that things might be better if I packed us up and walked down to the embassy- but if I do it and don’t feel any better, well then I’m not even left with that hope!” Totally nuts, right?

While we were back in the states, my mom and her husband had hosted a little get together so Colette could meet her great-aunts. As usual, we were showered with much generosity (thank you thank you thank you all!!), which included the above outfit. It was a huge hit with the other mamas, young girls and the guards. My frilly little party favor and greatest accessory! If this ruffly love bug isn’t a panacea, then I doubt one exists.

Trying to get back into the swing of posting regularly. Since returning a month ago, I’ve been reestablishing a new rhythm. I think I may even sense a pattern emerging with nap times. I’ve also lined up a sitter to come by for a few hours each week, starting next month. She’s the daughter of our medical officer here at post. They only live a short distance away and she LOVES the bushbaby! So while she has her summer break, she’ll come by to watch Colette while I get back into my studio and take care of things around the house that require my full attention. I’ll still be here in case anything runs amok.


13 thoughts on “first mother’s day

  1. Lovely dresses and ladies! So glad to hear that you enjoyed your first Mother’s Day with a special little outing together. Love you much xoxo

  2. Awww, you ladies look gorgeous! Happy First Mother’s Day! So glad you had a great time. I feel bad that you are having such a rough time in Luanda. Hope the second year flies by…

  3. Oh my goodness! You two are soooo cute xoxoxo! As far as your slumps… your not alone. I would have days that I felt so terrible I wouldn’t even want to run into a neighbor. Motherhood is a blessing but also a big life change that leaves your personal identity a dilluted mystery. Then one day the fog will clear and you’ll be renewed with the birth of a new you. Think of it as a cocooning stage and what will emerge is you as a glorious beautiful mommy butterfly… oh this makes me giggle.
    Love you, Summer

  4. Happy May Eve! Here’s to the first of many lovely Mother’s Days. Wish I could still dress my girls – we’re in the “you must bathe” stage instead. This year my kids gave me a cold for Mother’s Day (flowers and fancy olive oils / vinegars too but the cold seemed to dominate!). When are you getting sprung from Luanda? You’re in the final stretch – hang in there!! Definitely be careful – I had a world traveler in here the other day (on his way to Antarctica) and we were talking about the countryside in Angola. Does not sound like fun. So let’s meet in New Orleans (another 3rd world country albeit more entertaining) when you get back – I’m definitely overdue. Focus on the finish line – when you look back on this time you won’t believe Colette was ever that small. Trust me – Will just turned 5 in March and he’s 4 1/2 feet tall! Taller than Ruby when she was SIX – and she’s no peanut. Crazy fast.

    My mother is flying in May 28th (happy birthday to Ruby and I) and we are trying to get the little house on the property ready for her. It won’t make her arrival date but maybe a month into the summer-long visit. The sooner the better because the close quarters will kill us! I’m sure that summer will fly by and hopefully without any Meme meltdowns! Bubba is going down for a wedding and is going to drive her car up for her. Her first attempt at being a snowbird – I’ll keep you posted. Happy Memorial Day!

    1. You’re so funny, Jen! Just throw your kids in the lake, maybe that’ll make a hot shower sound more appealing? Sorry to hear about your sniffly mother’s day. We’re sprung about a year from now. I am DETERMINED to make it a really good one. Counting my blessings all the time. More families are arriving with small children which helps tremendously.
      It’s hard to believe I’ve never even met Will! We’ll be back in the states for 8 months between posts, in DC. We’ll make sure to visit then- whether in Buffalo, DC or Nola. Good luck with Meme… and give her my love too! Hope you girls have a fun birthday. I always love hearing from you Jen! Miss you guys tons.

  5. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. I hear there are few monkeys in Luanda but there are lizards. Do you like lizards. I do.

  6. Happy Belated Mother’s Day!!!! So glad you got to celebrate and Bushbaby is just so precious! Yay for a babysitter and time in your studio! I find that nothing makes me happier than those days I get to both get down on the floor with Will and also get down to “work” for a few hours on my own too. Having both makes me enjoy each experience even more than I thought I was possible. Hopefully it will be the same for you!

    1. Exactly!! A little time away- even if it’s just a nice power nap for Colette- I always feel so refreshed afterward. I can’t imagine what getting back into my studio is going to do for morale… It’s funny because the more I’ve got to do, the more efficient and productive I am. I love how that works. Looking forward to hearing about your new lenses…

  7. Daniela- I am dedicated to making this next year way more positive and graceful than last. Certainly not without HUGE blessings, but it really was a rough one. Happy Mother’s day to you too! So glad you’re enjoying New Delhi.
    stmemory- yeah, the hat does it for me too. It just perches right on top of her head and she leaves it there. I’m always incredulous.
    dipmom-Thanks! And right back at you. An eventful week for you, your body parts and your family!? Hope things are settling down now. Glad to hear it was resolved in a positive way.
    alex- You know it, sister. Great minds think alike… I keep calculating ahead 9 months and wondering if Snakes wouldn’t mind packing out by himself…hehe

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