in the studio

And it feels good. I’ve got a little extra help for the next few weeks since all of the embassy kids are on winter break. A sweet young lady has been coming by to hang out with my sweet young lady while I sneak back into my studio. I’ve had so many ideas and projects stacking up. I’m making the absolute most of my time.

My first project was this iPad cover. I had been cruising on line to try to find something that appealed, quickly becoming overwhelmed by choices. It always happens like this. I find some things I like, balk at the prices, carry on and then curse myself when I realize that during the slack-jawed hours I’ve wasted on line I could’ve made one by now. Lesson learned? Probably not.

I wanted an easy project to oil my gears and work out the kinks and dust that collect when one has been away from their tools for over a year (!). The straight forward design came together quickly and without headache or profanity. This little tiny success felt amazing. Bravo, me!   This week’s project is a leather box/basket to hold the Bushbaby’s collection of wood building blocks. I want something that’s sturdy, easy to clean and good looking enough to have a semi-prominent spot next to the sofa. And since my language instructor has already given me payment for a laptop bag, I suppose I’d better get crackin on that too.


10 thoughts on “in the studio

  1. I am glad you seem to have found a way and time to do what you love. I hope that you get more and more oportunities to do so as you adjust to your nomadic life 🙂

  2. Stacey-thank you! It does feel great. I know you can identify! Although, now that you’re a married woman, are you staying put for a bit??

    Dani- I plan to. It’s sort of my fuel for blog fire. That way my focus is shifted from “poor, poor me” to a much happier and productive me. I like it!!

    Daniela-Thank you and I couldn’t agree more. It’s my Prozac.

    Alisa- That and so much more. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

    Heather!! I miss you guys. It’s not croc, it’s embossed cow. A remnant a friend of mine gave me after she reupholstered a chair. Hope your purses are getting lots of use! Love to you and C.

    Lana-Thank you! Hope you’re doing well. xo

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