letter to the bushbabe



Sweet little CoCoMax, in that second you arrived one year ago everything changed forever. Our very own bushbaby, born in sunny Johannesburg, South Africa in the wee hours of the morning. My already messy heart burst wide open. I wanted to be better, do better and make everything better for you. I wanted to finally make good on all the promises I’ve made to myself over the decades. I want to lead by example.You made me a mom and for this I am always grateful. I think it’s my favorite thing about myself now, being your mama. I always knew I’d love it, but had no concept of how much. Every single day there is something else, something new. On the best days, it’s life affirming; on the worst, a valuable reminder to breathe deeply and recognize sleep deprivation as the monster it is. Lately, I watch you crossing the room with your new little rolling cart filled with your favorite books and remote controls, falling down, frustrated but getting back up over and over and over again. My strength is renewed as your dedication and perseverance flow over back to me..Our bushbaby, you have such a good natured goofball personality. We are blessed beyond measure to have such an easy going and healthy little critter such as yourself. Happy first birthday Colette! You are loved so very much by so very many.



16 thoughts on “letter to the bushbabe

  1. Just beautiful, Eve! You are the best Mom in the world. I’m sorry for so much but especially that we couldn’t be there. Dad

    1. Maybe next year we can have a triple birthday party for you, Linea and Colette!?REALLY looking forward to spending more time together once we’re back in the states. Love you Dad!

  2. So beautiful! I miss her and I miss you guys so much. Happy 1st Birthday Bush Baby- my South African born sista from another mista, generation etc. You know what I mean 😉 Proud of you for raising your 1st in such a tough place. Not many could handle it. You are a rock star. You inspire me.

    1. You are missed too, sweet lady! Thought of you guys recently when we were vacationing in Namibia. It was SO beautiful. No sky-diving for us however, not that much of a rockstar. Glad to hear you’re back, safe and sound in the states. Good luck this year. Oh! and Bushbaby loves biltong! Just a little more of her south african soul shining through. Please keep in touch! xo

  3. Eve and David: Little Collette is sooooo lucky to have you as her parents. I wish she were my grandaughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Don’t tell Jen I said that). I guess I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself as I always do, but at least I have Car and Keisha……Yippee! Lana

    1. Lana- I’ll be sure to get in touch with you when we get back to Michigan for a BBQ or something fun- by then Colette will be tearing around and getting extra wild! Grammy by association!! xo

  4. Happy first, dear sweet baby-girl! You have expanded the hearts of your family, bringing out the best in us all. I love watching my babies become patient, gentle, “big kid” cousins with you. I love seeing my baby sister as your mama…the person she was always meant to be. And for myself, I love kissing that darling fuzzy head and inhaling that sweet baby smell, remembering that these beautiful, blessed baby-days are so fleeting. Much love to you, angel-pie.

  5. Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!! I still vividly remember exchanging FB messages last year between Will an Colotte’s birthdays. Can’t believe its already been a year!

    1. The quickest or the longest year??! I’m just not quite sure. In many ways, I felt like the days were in SLOW motion- I’m counting that as a “Luanda blessing”. At least my life and BB’s babyhood isn’t flying by in a blink. Hope you guys are doing well settling in.

  6. So happy to have seen you on your very first b-day! Enjoyed seeing you with your mommy and daddy and your mommy was baking your birthday cake! Can’t wait to celebrate your second in the states! Much love to you all, you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Mimi

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