And just like that, almost 3 months have slipped by with nary a peep. This may be the longest I’ve gone with out updating. We are down to one sticky-keyed laptop and the iPad. (Regrettably, a certain someone dumped a glass of water on the macbook pro, but I hear that’s a rite of passage into parenthood.) So I am trying out the WordPress app on the iPad. Not as enjoyable as sitting down to write and illustrate with the pictures available on the laptop but never mind. Old dog, new trick.
I have a lot of pictures, stories and thoughts to share as our first post is winding down. 22 days, people. As challenging and downright difficult as these two years have been, I am shocked by how misty eyed I feel. I’ve been keeping notes and planning to update when I have full use of the laptop. I miss this space, my funny little scrapbook. I look forward to catching up with all of you.


13 thoughts on “Peep

  1. I always enjoy reading your news! Once you move on from Angola, I would love to see an essay examining the whole arc of your experience–who would have expected “misty-eyed” a few months ago! I’ve already started thinking of what I’ll miss in Abu Dhabi, but we’re still 3+ months out…

  2. That which doesn’t kill you…. 🙂
    Glad to hear a peep from you and know you all are doing well as you wind down. A friend of mine from Mozambique just found out they are being posted to Angola next. I’ve told them about your blog and that you might be able to answer a question or two if they have one – they are Embassy, but not US. Not sure if that makes a difference on the experience there. Looking forward to hearing more about your reflections once the computer bits are sorted. Yes, the joys of parenthood!

  3. So good to hear from you! Sorry about the laptop. I’m interested to hear your thoughts when you get to it. Funny how much you can come to care about a place. Good luck with the big move!

  4. Great hearing from you! I have that same app, but haven’t used it yet. Sorry about your MacBook. =( Best of luck to you these last 22 days and then onto your next post!

  5. I was in the same predicament last year when dear hubby knocked a full glass of beer into our one and only laptop. I did a lot of cooking after that – maybe that was his plan all along!

  6. Love your notes! I especially agree with Heather who wrote you on March 20. Go back to hers’ and read it.

  7. It’s funny how the hard places we live get so engrained in our lives. I miss Bangladesh every day. And we are all forever changed from our time there. I wrote too for the first time today, in nearly 4 months. And then I went to catch up on the friends I have neglected… and I came to you… and again our lives are so similar. Miss talking with you. And thinking of you as your lives again change and grow and become even more wonderful. You help me always feel “normal”… which compared to others is actually quirky or extraordinary… but our ordinary 😉

  8. so good to hear from you and wow 22 days!! I’m so excited for you all and your next adventure. That feeling of leaving a tough place is…well it feels good, like finishing a marathon or childbirth or something 🙂 I say this having been to only mildly difficult places not actually hard places like Angola and so I think upon leaving maybe its more like finishing an ultra? Or giving birth to triplets without meds? Ah well, you can let us know when you are finally reunited with a non-sticky, non-iPad device! Take care friend!

  9. Funny thing about those misty eyes. Someone’s husband made fun of me when my eyes did the same!

  10. Just checking in to see what you’ve been up to in DC. I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re filling your days with so many amazing activities and meals that there’s simply not time to blog. 🙂

    I’ll hit you guys up for a playdate when Flynn and I get back in a few weeks!

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