got it together

After the longest absence ever from this blog, I hope I am saying, “I’m back!!” with a huge amount of sincerity and conviction. I always miss this strange little community.

As my last post so enthusiastically revealed, we bought a house back in July. We spent the following weekends and slivers of weekday nights scouring craigslist, estate sales and yard sales. Normally this is the sort of thing I delight in savoring, taking my sweet and delicious time to find the right table, rug, accent pieces, etc. But, foreign service life dictates that time is ALWAYS of the essence. Also weighing in is the reality of living in the district on one government worker’s salary. Pocketbook is lean (see above: shopping second hand) and this darling of ours is a glaringly obvious income generator. Since we still have a lease at our condo around the corner from here, I hustled to gussy her up and get her earning her keep.

I didn’t have as much luck as I’d hoped with longer term tenants so I decided to post on airbnb. Within a couple of weeks we were booked nearly solid for two months. Snakes says my price was too low ($175 per night for the entire house) and in retrospect, he’s probably right. But since we were brand new to this, I thought I’d rather give people a respectable deal until I had my feet wet in my latest role of innkeeper. Is there any limit to what we “trailing spouses”  can do? I seriously doubt it.

Now we’ve got a longer term tenant for whom I am grateful. Another tenant is lined up from mid-January through mid-September. After nearly two months of running back and forth cleaning, stocking, straightening, emailing, etc. I am ready for a mini lull while I set my sights on preparations for our next big move in January. We will be taking our home leave (6 week mandatory vacation between overseas posts) in December and with any luck may be able to spend a portion in our very own home. Can you imagine!??! She’s lovely as is, but with a little sparkly holiday finery!? Gasp!

One final note before I welcome you into my home, I’ve set up a VERY basic website: The same photos I’m posting here, but with a pretty comprehensive (and slightly emotive..I seriously can’t help myself) narrative. There is an “availability” tab at the top if you’re ever interested in a stunning and remarkable non-Oakwood alternative.




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