punk pioneer

IMG_2886Last night Snakes, Blondie and I set off down Pennsylvania Ave to “Hill-O-Ween”, our neighborhood’s block party, and the trick-or-treating mayhem which followed. There were bounce houses, hay rides, balloon twisters and little princesses and monsters galore. I had been talking it up for days with the Bushbaby, trying to teach her the rules of the game. All I was able to accomplish in the end was a demanding, “TREAT!” with her hand thrust out in front of her. That girl doesn’t mince words.  IMG_2899

Although initially it seemed that we might have that whole moody toddler thing working against us, it actually leaned in our favor once she got suited up. Turns out that the attitude and sass one requires to pull off being a rock-icon comes quite naturally to a two year old. IMG_2889IMG_2894I usually prefer to make her costume, using what we’ve got on hand with a few little flourishes thrown in. But since I’m currently studio-less, I took stock of what resources we did have. First and foremost, that mullet. Secondly, H&M kids section. It was a toss up between a mini- Debbie Harry or Dog, The Bounty Hunter. I figured I’d have a better chance of my erudite Capitol Hill neighbors “getting it” with Blondie. And they did. I’m sure it helped that she was blasting Blondie’s greatest hits from a small but mighty little speaker  tucked into her treat bag.


Hope you all had a safe and memorable holiday!

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