settling in

The new computer is here!

Finally I am able to sit at a keyboard and peck out a thoughtful string of words, coupled with a few photos. I always say it when I return but, I really miss this space.IMG_1142

I have much to report. I intended to start with the fact that we are two months in to our second post in Santiago, Chile. However, once I signed back in and started fishing around here, I recognized how long it’s been and thought, wow. a lot more than that has happened.

First off. Major milestone, new decade. I turned 40 back in November. Forty. I’m trying to be all power to the people about it but, damn. 40. If I’m one of the lucky ones, that’s like half way. Tack onto that a weird medical thing that turned out to be nothing but incredibly rattling. Tack onto that my sweet boy passing on into the great beyond exactly a week before departure. Then frost that all with the 6 week homelessness of home leave. (A mandatory 6 week stay in the US between posts. Never mind that we were just in DC for language training for 7 months.) Anyway, it’s all left me with a belly twisting case of existential hiccups.IMG_2062

Summer break is just ending on the flip side of the equator. Daycares, schools, colleges are all resuming. Our neighborhood is slowly filling up with people returning from holidays. Traffic gets heavier all the time. We live within walking distance (20-30 depending on your pace) to the embassy. There are tons of cafes, stores, parks, fancy hotels, wine bars. It’s a newly constructed area of high rise condos and office buildings.IMG_2993

The Bushbaby is super excited to start “school”.  Even though I have the predictable heavy-heartedness that most moms feel, I’m pretty delighted to have a sliver of time back to myself. Our things are slated to arrive Friday. My head and hands are so ready to get back into my studio. There comes a point when collecting inspiring images on pinterest just doesn’t cut it any longer!IMG_0321

I can’t promise that I won’t attempt some type of video homage to Banjo at some point, because man, losing my constant companion of the last near decade has really been tough. Animal lovers out there, you get it, right? The guy really was legendary.

Anyway, as I was saying, a few weeks after our little rock-n-roller Halloween, I turned 40. Because language training was still hanging over our house like a dark cloud, we decided it’d be best to wait until later to celebrate. I came home one night to find a stunning and timeless Burberry trench hanging quietly in my closet, just waiting for me to discover and lose my mind. That Snakes fella is full of surprises.

Shortly after, we loaded up the family and set off down the road to Bethlehem, PA, Christmas city and home of the in-laws. Shared a great Thanksgiving dinner and weekend. I’m always so grateful to be with family during this time. It was fantastic.IMG_3027IMG_3053IMG_3058IMG_3114IMG_3152

After returning to DC, packing out and then loading back up again, we returned to Bethlehem for the duration of the holidays and through the end of January when we shipped off for Santiago. We managed to sneak in a quick trip to New Orleans. My girlfriend- who I’ve mentioned a few times here before had recently put in a pool! Since January is a slow time for her little Boutique NOLA Cottage, we were able to stay with her. It was the first time all of my New Orleans friends met the bushbaby, great fun. IMG_1049

my contribution to christmas dinner: white chocolate mousse with cranberry curd!
my contribution to christmas dinner: white chocolate mousse with cranberry curd!
swamp tour in slidell

IMG_3377IMG_3556So that’ll do it for now. I am hoping to reconnect with some of you whom I’ve only known through here. Also, anyone out there living in Santiago??!? Leave a comment! Maybe we can get together for a coffee sometime?


14 thoughts on “settling in

  1. I’ve missed reading “you”. Welcome back to the land of the blogging… as trying to revive myself there as well. Happy you are settling into Chile! Will catch up more soon!

  2. So enjoy hearing of your travels and experiences!  For us homebodies–you are a welcome post!! Janet Sage


    1. Thanks, Janet! Trying to get back into a regular swing. Unpacking boxes all weekend. soon comes the universally adored before/after housing post. The armchair HGTV host in me (and everyone) loves a good makeover!

    1. I’m a little confused by this all around. New camera??!!? Do you know something I don’t? Should I be watching the mailbox?? And why wouldn’t we pay taxes?

    1. Thanks for the link! There are a few other expat bloggers here too. I need to look them up and ask them for coffee now that I have my mornings free. Hope you’re doing well!

  3. Some interesting comments, eh? I just wanted to give you a shout out and congratulations on Santiago. I don’t think I know anyone there right now, but I have always heard great things. Hoping the recent temblor didn’t rock your nerves too hard. Also, I just wanted to pass on my sympathies of losing your sweet Banjo. I can imagine the hole is absence is causing in your hearts.

  4. Hello from Mumbai, India. Thanks for the comment! You have some beautiful photos here! I have a new computer envy. My computer is soooo sloooow… What a great contribution you had with a white chocolate mousse. Yum! Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it!!

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