the adventure continued.

IMG_9348Where were we now? Ah, yes. Reeling in one massive anchor and splashing southbound along the Chilean coast for a two week vacation through the fjords, around Cape Horn and ending in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Five hours in, sea sickness swallowed the Bushbaby whole. (Note to all: preemptive dramamine never hurt anyone.) It took nearly four days and as many hours passed in the ship’s med unit receiving IV fluids to fully recover. But after she had her sea legs, there was no stopping her.hottub

Each night she was eager to check the scene at the Stardust Theatre, rushing to the front row for a seat, her pink crushed velvet cape billowing behind her. Never mind if the performer was a lounge singer, tango dancers, a magician, juggler or gaucho performance artists. (Or her very own mother vying for, and…ahem…winning, the title of Miss Norwegian Sun.) This kid LOVED it. When we got back to the room at the end of each day she would snag the next day’s schedule and implore us to tell her what performance awaited us the following evening.

We had sprung for a balcony cabin which was such a luxury. Watching the full moon rise over Patagonia while gliding through the Beagle channel, glass of wine in hand, bundled up on our private terrace-we’d never had such a relaxing vacation.


IMG_9311IMG_9322My husband, the investigative reporter, thrives on research. He had set up rental cars and/or boats at our various ports so we could explore independently. Penguin colonies in southern Argentina, sweeping vistas on the Falkland Islands, a boat ride around the sea lions favorite rocks in Ushuaia. It was just the right amount of adventure, exploration and relaxation. IMG_9240IMG_9369IMG_9408

And now with SIX days remaining, I need to share a related story and what I maintain as a major foreign service stroke of luck. Coincidentally, another cruise line is doing their end of season, “repositioning” cruise THIS very weekend that we are set to leave. We were able to cost construct our ride home, which is actually less than the price of 3 full-fare airline tickets from here back to the states. So this Sunday instead of rushing around an airport and squeezing ourselves onto a cramped and exhausting overnight flight, we are climbing aboard another cruise liner and chugging up the coast, passing through the Panama Canal and ending in Miami where we will begin our home leave before arriving back in DC the second weekend of May. In late July we leave for Phnom Penh, Cambodia. So we have some time for visiting family and friends and more importantly, time enough to figure out if there’s a ship leaving from Baltimore and heading to Southeast Asia. Let me know if you hear of anything. IMG_9275IMG_9424IMG_9448IMG_9450IMG_9351IMG_9561


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