I am a leathersmith, dietitian, gardener, yoga instructor, writer/blogger.  My husband, Snakes, took a buyout from the Detroit News January 2010 and became a foreign service officer, working in public diplomacy. Our first tour was Luanda, Angola (04/11-04/13). Next was Santiago, Chile (02/14-02/16). Now we are in Phnom Penh, Cambodia until 2018.

If you’d like to contact me privately, you are welcome to do so here:

Any opinions or observations expressed here on this blog are mine alone- nothing to do with the US government or its diplomatic corps.


10 thoughts on “me

  1. Finally got around to the blog, I am such a poor online correspondent. Love the Kiffel info, such a loving and warm memory of the holiday. Love you and so glad you are Snakes’ wife and my daughter in law and the little Zs aunt. V

  2. Just found your blog via I’ll take mine to go…
    very pleasing to the eye and love your writing. Welcome to the area. We’ve not been here long ourselves…

  3. Hey Eve,

    This is Chase Purdy, I’m Tony Gonzalez’ friend who would visit Detroit periodically during his summer internship. He showed me your blog and I just wanted to say hey. Hope things are well. It sounds like you have a pretty amazing adventure ahead of you.

    Pet Reggie for me.

  4. Just wondered if you knew about fabric options in Angola? I am an EFM in Ottawa and had the good fortune to do a few swaps with FS people in Africa, where I grew up. I love that some of the quilts and things I have been making have little bits of Africa in them. If your all at interested, I would love to do a swap when you arrive.
    Beijing, KL, Ottawa as the wife
    Vienna, Pretoria, Ibadan, Motreal, DC, Harare, Paris as the kid

    1. My MIL told me that she found a fabric store on line when she was researching Luanda. I’d be happy to send you some if it turns out to be something unique and reasonably priced!

  5. Hi Eve! I was so surprised and happy to meet you at yoga last Saturday with your mother-in-law:) You are lovely! And THIS is my first “blog experience” ever!!! I’m such a “baby” about current technology! I can’t even remember how to get on facebook half the time, and when I do, I “post it on the wall” (???) so apparently everyone can read my “private” messages:( Loser!! So, I guess everyone will be reading this too??? Thank you for sharing your heart’s longing for a babe. I’m just going to throw some ideas out that might help, although you might think I’ve lost my mind, or never had it!! Be sure you have the color orange sufficiently in your environment or on you (this is the color associated with your sacral chakra). Relax your jaw! We tend to hold a lot of tension there and the jaw is somehow related to the sacral/pelvic area. And try to listen to or play a Tibetan singing bowl – it sounds the note D on the musical scale. I will keep you in my prayers. I’m sending a Big Hug! You are a dear!!! Cat

  6. My heart smiled when I read your compliments of lovely Joburg. I have had the fortune of visiting there on three seperate occasions. My husband’s parents live right around the corner from the consulate in Joburg! (He always get’s annoyed when people who have never been to S.A (where he is from) can only knee-jerk ..oh Africa..the crime… (Having no idea that it is such a friendly, beautiful place)
    Looking forward to your postings of the baby!

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